John Swanston (Qld) writes to The Australian re Victorian Government’s attack on BDS actions 9Aug11 August 9, 2011

A mischief appears to have intruded into the proposed Victorian investigation concerning the boycott of Israeli goods and shops connected with Israel. Language is important for the boycott concerns Israel not Jewish state and most certainly not against Jews.

Once Israel was established then it took on the privileges and the criticisms accorded every other state. For the past forty plus years Israel has been an occupying power over a debased and disenfranchised Palestinian people. The boycotts were instituted to confront and challenge the state of Israel over its illegal activity. Most of the focus has been with goods and companies benefitting from the occupation and using goods and services produced on illegally occupied land.

Boycotts were instituted against South Africa in the past for similar justified reasons.

It is a mischief to describe these boycotts as anti-Jewish and to include reference to an appalling past in Europe. The Palestinians have been made to pay for that disgraceful European past for far too long.

If there is to be an investigation then let it be accurately described as a confronting of Israel action because of its totally illegal repression of another people. If the state of Israel had been established in Austria or Bavaria then its behavior towards the locals over the past forty plus years would be completely understandable.

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