‘Israelis must join Palestinian cause’ 15Aug11 August 15, 2011

Press TV  -  14 August 2011
The protest movement in Israel must link up with the Palestinian cause in order for the struggle of the Jewish masses to move forward, says a political analyst.

“The struggle in Israel that is emerging amongst Jewish masses will not move forward beyond this unless it finds its way to link up with the Palestinian struggle and with the Arab masses,” said Ralph Schoenman, political analyst and author of the Hidden History of Zionism, in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

Shoenman said the uprisings in the region are “against country-selling regimes that oppress and exploit on behalf of imperialism and are linked to Israel itself.”

“There is a tiny little oligarchy that is in control of the wealth; something like ten families in reality in the Zionist settler state,” Shoenman added.

The political analyst pointed to the scale of inequalities in Israel, saying the “magnitude of social discrimination, repression and class exploitation is increasing dramatically.”

Asked if the Israeli regime is more concerned with stopping the growth of these demonstrations rather than listening to the actual demands of protesters, Schoenman said the Tel Aviv regime is “not capable of listening to the demands.”

“They are the perpetrators of the subjugation and exploitation of the population at large, but we have to be clear that the fundamental purpose of the Zionist state is to suppress the Palestinian population,” he further explained.

Over the past month, Israelis have staged mass demonstrations against the regime’s poor handling of the economy, which has given rise to social inequalities.

More than 30,000 people staged a march in the northern city of Haifa on Saturday.

The protesters have demanded a new taxation system of lower indirect taxes and higher direct taxes, free education and childcare, and more investment in housing and public transport.

In addition, they have called for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

An opinion poll published by Israel’s Channel 10 television late on Tuesday showed that an overwhelming 88 percent of the respondents supported the protest movement.

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