Eric Carwardine WA) writes to blog video on “peace team” visit to Australia 18Aug11 August 19, 2011

Al Qastal

This reminds me of a fictional World War II film in which prison guards play a soccer match against the prison’s inmates. Afterwards, the guards return to warm food and comfortable barracks. The prisoners-of-war can look forward to thin soup and cold mattresses.

And of course the prisoners won the match. Match-fixing is not confined to reality. Can we anticipate similar ‘arranging’ when the Israelis play the Palestinians?

After all, that’s what it’s all about – isn’t it? A cynical attempt to depict the Israelis as beatable. Meanwhile, back in reality-land, back in the Middle East, the Palestinians can only imagine victory.

Let us be quite clear as to what victory means to Palestinians. It means the UNCONDITIONAL return to Palestinian homelands. It means closing the book on 63 years of dispossession that began with Al Nakbah. It means putting justice before peace.

The Australian Football League should immediately end its association with this political hypocrisy. Continuing its association means tarnishing a tradition of which Australians are justly proud – our Australian-rules football.”

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