Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “Boycott the UN’s racist farce” The Australian 19Aug11 August 19, 2011

Response to The Australian Editorial: “Boycott the UN’s racist farce”   -   19 August 2011

In arguing against Australia’s participation in the UN anti-racism summit Durban III, your editorial (19/8/11) does not even address any of the racist policies with which Israel is charged and completely ignores how Palestinians have been treated simply because they stood in the way of creating an exclusively Jewish state in historic Palestine.

Palestinians suffered racism when world powers decided it was right to partition their homeland and allow the creation of a foreign sovereign state that would exclude and dispossess the vast majority of them and decimate their society.

Palestinians also suffered racism when it was deemed by those who supported this decision that they had no right to armed resistance to defend their homeland.

The fact that they continue to be denied a state of their own now in only a fraction of their homeland after decades of dispossession, ethnic cleansing, brutal occupation and colonisation is also a form of racism.

And this is not even to speak of the racism they face every day, whether they are unequal ‘citizens’ of Israel, which privileges Jewish citizens, or face policies designed to separate and control them as a stateless occupied people or continue to be denied their most basic human rights as exiled refugees denied their inalienable right of return.

The racism against Palestinians is not just perpetrated by Israel but by all of Israel’s ardent supporters that refuse to address the injustices that have flowed from the decision to partition Palestine.

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