Cybthia Marchant (Qld) responds to “Anti-Israel bullies’ hard centre bites in chocolate shop campaign” Weekend Australian 20Aug11 August 21, 2011

The Australian: “Anti-Israel bullies’ hard centre bites in chocolate shop campaign” by Cameron Stewart, 20 August 2011




Cameron Stewart’s article (Weekend Australian, Ant-Israel bullies’ hard centre bites in chocolate shop campaign)  shows the poverty of the anti- BDS case.  Despite claims of  BDS anti-semitism  not one example is given of a Jewish business being targeted which is not also an Israeli business – although they must be legion.  Max Brenner – the business, not the man – is an Israeli firm which,  as part of the Strauss Group, supports the Israeli army.  Ofra Strauss says they are supported because they are “our kids”  - a truism which could be said of any armed force, including the Wehrmacht.  As for Ted Lapkin:  on the ABC’s The Drum he lately attacked racial vilification laws on the grounds that they infringe our democratic  right to impugn individuals on the basis of their race.  But now he claims that it is unacceptable to criticise businesses for such reasons!  Not that this is what is happening.  Both he and “ECJA’s Wertheim” construct  a straw man.  Whoever has said that no criticism of Israel is anti-semitic?  Although I don’t read it, I daresay there is plenty which is.  But not that of the BDS movement.  BDS is aimed squarely at Israel’s own anti-semitism – privileging one group to the grave detriment of the (semitic)  Palestinian population it also rules.

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