David Macilwain responds to Colin Rubinstein’s “‘Virtual’ Palestinian state could lead to actual disaster” 22Aug11 August 30, 2011

The Age:  “‘Virtual’ Palestinian state could lead to actual disaster” by Colin Rubinstein, 22 August 2011


It’s no point writing this in the hope that you’ll publish it, when you are prepared to publish the sort of absolute crap written by Colin Rubenstein today, so I might as well tell you what I think about it!

I will also ask you who is now your paymaster? Where are decent minded non-racist Victorians supposed to get their news from if you start printing the same sort of Zionist whitewash that comes from the Australian and the Herald Sun, as well as out of the mouths of all our leaders?
 Do you even realise what sort of rubbish you are printing?

Take this:–

“The Palestinian Authority has rejected offers of a Palestinian state by previous Israeli prime ministers Barak and Olmert – packages that included almost everything the Palestinians could reasonably expect in any genuine two-state resolution.”

This is the complete reversal of what the real situation was, as detailed in the “Palestine Papers”: Saab Erekat and Salam Fayyad offered Tsipi Livni all the ‘non-negotiable’ demands of the Palestinian people – no right of return, no sovereignty, no settlements removed, no demand on East Jerusalem, but Livni said she couldn’t accept it. The Palestine Papers proved beyond reasonable doubt that Israel was not, and was never interested in a settlement, since Oslo created the PA, and that all those years of ‘negotiation’ (which incidentally is what Abbas wants) had merely allowed Israel to colonise the Occupied West Bank to the point where a Palestinian state was impossible.

 Then he dares to say:

“In compliance with a Palestinian demand, Netanyahu even instituted an unprecedented 10-month moratorium on new home-building in West Bank settlements.”


“In any case, arrangements in place since 2003 have precluded new settlements being built, or settlements expanding their boundaries, meaning current internal settlement growth does not consume any additional land and cannot affect the viability of a future Palestinian state.”

This is such patent nonsense it is almost libellous, and in the current context, when even your website has a video talking about  Israel’s latest war crimes in Gaza – so criminal that even Israel’s Arab allies are criticising them, and in the context of the huge escalation in illegal construction approved by the Netanyahu government in the last month or two, taking advantage of the world’s distraction on the “Arab dictators” and the “democracy” movements.

 Meanwhile right here in Melbourne we have an orchestrated campaign waged on behalf of Israel against the many organisations who are trying to help Palestinians achieve their right to live in freedom on their own land, free of bombing raids and child stealing and daily victimisation by the Racist and undemocratic Jewish state occupying their land.

 If you would like to know more about why Colin Rubenstein’s article is just Hasbara, please get in touch with Samah Sabawi, Public advocate for Australians for Palestine.

Samah Sabawi can also explain to you quite well why the “Palestinian State” being pursued by the PA is nonsense, as long as Israel is not prepared to move Jewish settlers out of some of the Palestinian land they are occupying , and as long as it plans to remove the Arab citizens of Israel into this new state.

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