John O’Hara responds to Dr Bill Anderson letters 26/8, The Age, 26Aug11 August 30, 2011

Churchill may well have had affinity with and admiration for the Jewish people (Dr Bill Anderson, letters, 26/8), but it’s unlikely he’d have supported the current status quo in the Middle East.  By delivering on the Balfour declaration, Churchill, in 1937, reflecting on the future, foresaw disaster in a partitioned Palestine when he prophetically wrote:

“To maintain itself, the Jewish State must be armed to the teeth, and must bring in every able-bodied man to strengthen its army.  But how long would this process be allowed to continue by the great Arab populations in Iraq and Palestine?  Can it be expected that the Arabs would stand by impassively and watch the building up with Jewish world capital and resources of a Jewish army equipped with the most deadly weapons of war, until it was strong enough not to be afraid of them?  And if ever the Jewish army reached that point, who can be sure that, cramped within their narrow limits, they would not plunge out into the new undeveloped lands that lie around them?”

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