Dr Vacy Vlazna writes and thanks Senator Doug Cameron for taking a stand 1Sep11 September 1, 2011

Dear Senator Cameron

 You can’t imagine how heartening it is to hear an Australian politician condemn Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians and challenge Israeli propaganda.

 It’s particularly heartening because you are a Labor senator in a shameful and unbalanced pro-Israeli Gillard government.

 We, in the  Australian solidarity for Palestine’s political and human rights  movement, miss Julia  Irwin who was a rare and honourable voice on the Palestine matter.

 Thank you so much for your words of outrage and truth on Q and A.

 “Look, I think the issue of Israel and Palestine is huge in terms of trying to get world peace. I think Israel have had a massive amount of support from the world community over the years to establish the Israeli state but with that, I think, comes responsibility. And I don’t think it’s a beacon of democracy to have Operation Cast Lead. I don’t think it is a beacon of democracy to use phosphorous bombs on kids. I don’t think it is a beacon of democracy to be demolishing infrastructure in Palestine. So I just think we’ve got to get a bit of balance in this.”

The power of the Zionist lobbyto strip the US, EU and Australian governments of decency and their obligations to Palestine under international law is both bewildering and sinister, so your voice is all the more commendable.

 Thank you again

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Thank You.
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