Lavinia Kay Moore (SA) responds to “US plea on Palestine”, Adelaide Advertier, 22Sep11 September 22, 2011

The Adelaide Advertiser:  “US plea on Palestine”, 22 September 2011

 I refer to the item “US plea on Palestine”.( page 65).

(Having just returned from overseas, where the issue of Palestinian statehood and the U.N. receive front-page attention and is the subject of many in-depth discussions in other media, I realise I am back in Adelaide when such an important story gets hidden away on page 65!)

My question re the article is, why does Obama really wish Abbas would drop his request to the UN for statehood recognition in the UN?

He, like many other U.S. presidents before him, does nothing to challenge Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, or conversely to support legitimate Palestinian efforts to obtain rights and freedoms that Americans, including American presidents, are fond of talking about.

Maybe the truth is that he is a little concerned about the shifts occurring at the present time in the world’s political and economic landscape. Maybe he would rather not wish to be shown up in the UN as a hypocrite who lauds freedom and rights with grand rhetorical flourishes, while at the same time acts to sabotage the efforts by Palestinians to secure those same things.

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