Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Leibler’s “Israel loses an old friend in Fraser and we long for his return” The Age, 5Oct11 October 5, 2011

The Age: “Israel loses an old friend in Fraser and we long for his return” by Isi Leibler, 5 October 2011

Isi Leibler (5/10/11) trots out the same time worn canards that have been shown to be just that by Israel’s new historians who have verified their conclusions through access to released Israeli archives. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began well before Israel’s so-called 1948 “War of Independence”. The five Arab armies entered belatedly into this war to defend Palestine while little if anything was done to help the ill-prepared Palestinians, who had no army to speak of, defend their homeland themselves. This is why Israel was able to destroy over 500 towns and villages and ethnically cleanse over 720,000 Palestinians from their homeland.

Israel unilaterally declared itself a state and took much more territory than was suggested by the 1947 UNGA resolution 181, which recommended partition. In doing so it vitiated the so-called “birth certificate” of either an Israeli or Palestinian state because the outbreak of war meant it was never voted on in the Security Council, which would have made it a binding resolution. The Israel/Palestine conflict has never been properly resolved under the proper framework of international law because to do so would force an admission that the proposed partition of Palestine was a monumental injustice to the Palestinian people, who continue to this day to be dispossessed, disenfranchised and denied their right to self-determination.

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