12 Nov, MELBOURNE: PROTEST – “Tear down the Apartheid Wall” October 17, 2011


Join the 9th-annual International Week against the Apartheid Wall: November 9-16, 2011

Tear down the Apartheid Wall:
End Israeli Apartheid and Occupation

11.30 am – Saturday, November 12
Old GPO, Bourke St Mall, Melbourne City

Watch: Virtual Field Trip – Impact of the Apartheid/Annexation Wall

 In November 2000 Israel approved the first project to build a so-called “security barrier” – a 8 metre high wall (twice the height of the Berlin Wall), with watch towers, electric fences, concrete walls, trenches, sensors and military patrols.

Israeli apartheid wall cuts deep into the Occupied West Bank, expanding Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and resources. In total, 85% of the Wall is located in the West Bank. When completed, the Wall and its associated regime will de facto annex some 46% of the West Bank, isolating communities into Bantustans, ghettos and “military zones”. This means that the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including almost 1.5 million refugees, will be encircled on only 12% of mandate Palestine.

Some 12% of Palestinians in the West Bank will be living in the closed military zone of the Jordan Valley or surrounded on three or four sides by the Wall or isolated between it and the green line. They face increasingly unbearable living conditions – the loss of land, markets, movement and livelihoods – and many will face expulsion. More than 200,000 Palestinians living in Occupied East Jerusalem will be totally isolated from the rest of the West Bank by the apartheid wall, while 98% of the settler population will be included in the de facto annexed areas.

As of December 2010, 520 km of the planned 810 km, or 64%, had been completed.  The Wall has destroyed a large amount of Palestinian farmland and usurped water supplies, including the biggest aquifer in the West Bank.  With the completion of the Wall, at least 78 Palestinian villages and communities, which are home to almost 266, 500 Palestinian civilians will be isolated with a total population of 266,442 will be isolated and forced to live in ghettos.

At the beginning of this year the people in the Arab world rose up, took to the streets and squares and made crucial steps on the long road towards a just and free Middle East. The Palestinian Intifada has become Arab; the walls of fear from dictatorship have been torn down. People in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, and beyond have inspired the world with their courage. Now it is time for the world, the movements, organisations and people of conscience to stand up and support the Arab and Palestinian people by pressuring their governments, institutions, and corporations to withdraw their protection and support of Israeli apartheid, colonialism, and occupation.

Israel dismantle its apartheid wall and illegal settlements

An end to Israel’s illegal siege and blockade of Gaza

 An end to Israel’s military occupation and colonisation of all Arab lands

No Australian support for Israel – end all military and economic ties now! 

For more information:  0439 454 375

For more information on the International week against the Apartheid Wall


Initiated by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign




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