David Macilwain (VIC) responds to interview on The World Today re Palestinian child prisoners 21Oct11 October 21, 2011

ABC’s The World Today  -  20 October 2011

On ABC ‘World Today’ yesterday M/E correspondent Anne Barker talked to lawyer Gerard Horton from Defence for Children International – while he detailed the way that Israel routinely arrests children during the night for stone-throwing – well we all know the story – the reaction from Barker was disgusting. When discussing why no children were in the first batch of prisoners, and Horton said Hamas had chosen the longest serving prisoners – Barker said: “so Hamas is more to blame than Israel you think even though it is Israel that jails these children”. to which he said it was ‘inappropriate’ to jail these children in any case, for throwing stones mostly, – but then she said :- ” they’re not entirely innocent though are they some of these children, I mean even throwing stones is a form of violence”. The report ended with a referral to a previous reply to a similar charge, from Israel – “rock throwing is a serious offence, placing others at serious risk and endangering public and regional security”.

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