Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to the Adelaide Advertiser re Palestinian farmers 28Oct11 October 28, 2011

“As South Australian farmers are preparing for the coming harvest I ask them to pause a while and think what their lives would be like if their farms were in the occupied Palestinian territories.

If they lived in Gaza, they and their families would have to carefully consider whether they would venture onto their own land because to do so may be to risk being shot by Israeli snipers. If that didn’t happen, their fields may be un-farmable because of ordinance left behind from previous bombing campaigns which has polluted their land. If they considered repairing damage from bombs, they may not be able to find the material needed to restore their glasshouses, barns and homes because of the seige imposed by Israel that prevents needed goods entering their country.

On the west Bank things are not that different.

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find all your sheep stolen or slaughtered, your well polluted or bulldozers ripping up your vineyard or orchard on land that your grandfather worked hard to establish?

This is the heartbreak that is a daily occurrence for Palestinian farmers.

So today, when you come home to your evening meal in Lameroo, Coonawarra, Cleve, Minlaton and Cherry Gardens, feeling satisfied with your day’s work, please spend a few minutes giving thanks that you are not a farmer in occupied Palestine.

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