Lavinia Moore (SA) writes to FM Kevin Rudd re Isarel’s treatment of Palestinian child prisoners 28Nov11 November 28, 2011

Dear Minister Rudd,

I have just read an article from the Australian of the 26th November. It was written by John Lyons and entitled ” Stone Cold Justice”. It tells with frank and horrifying clarity some of the abuses perpetrated against Palestinian children by the I. D.F.

Quite apart from the  fact that the behaviour that these children are subjected to breaches normal child welfare standards, they are also in breach of numerous international conventions and laws, including those relating to children’s rights and the Geneva Conventions. With regard to the latter  I refer to obligations imposed on occupation forces.

To treat these children in this way clearly demonstrates that the Israeli government and its instrumentalities regard Palestinian children as non-human. How else can they think it is acceptable to treat any child in ways that if an Israeli Jewish child were to be treated in the same way would probably earn the perpetrator a custodial sentence?

I know that Jewish settlers who live illegally on Palestinian lands in the West Bank have terrorised Palestinian families and individuals in numerous ways. Settler children have learned their lessons from their parents well because they too have thrown faeces and garbage on Palestinian adults and children, for example when the latter are trying to make their way to school. Palestinians get stoned as well, both by adult settlers and by their children.

Have you ever heard of a settler child being treated in the same way as these Palestinian children are treated?

It is an irrefutable case of discrimination. Racism and ethnic cleansing are obviously the precursors of such attitudes and behaviour.

As the Minister charged with matters of foreign relations, I call upon you to act. I call upon you to stand firmly on the side of those precious international covenants and laws, and insist that the Israeli government cease such abusive and discriminatory practices.

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Thank You.
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