Duncan-Shipley-Smith (Qld) writes to the JNF evicting the Sumarin family in Silwan 28Nov11 November 28, 2011

I am aware of the discriminatory domestic legislation that allows the state of Israel to dispossess Palestinians of their property. It is no more than institutionalised theft and it is a despicable and immoral position to base an argument on it to support throwing a family of twelve into the street after their lawfully occupying a house for longer than the state of Israel has existed. The world is seeing through the carefully constructed veil of propaganda that conceals Israel’s criminal policies. Your response is part of that veil.

We know the Sumarin property was inherited by the natural descendants of the Sumarin family. That inheritance was blocked by the ‘absentee’ property laws that discriminate against Palestinian land owners and that presently serve the Zionist agenda to Judaize East Jerusalem and prevent the establishment of the capital of the State of Palestine in that city.

We know the JNF is planting trees in the Negev to forcibly displace indigenous Bedouin people. These projects are not noble environmental initiatives, they amount to the ‘greening’ of land theft and ethnic-cleansing.

The only logical course of action in this case is to request that the Australian government review the JNF’s activities in Australia and assess its participation in any contraventions of international and domestic law. In addition, the attempted cover-up of these injustices and the continuing unlawful acquisition of Palestinian territory, harassment, intimidation and violence directed against innocent civilians will merely strengthen the resolve of the international community to put its weight and its conscience behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign to force Israel’s government to abide by international statutes in particular humanitarian law.

As you are no doubt aware, the majority of the world’s community supports Palestinian sovereignty and its right to self determination. The US, Israel, Australia and a small contingent of nations stand alone in opposing it. By doing so, they are complicit in these crimes.

When that state is born, we will continue to vigorously support compensation and redress in the international legal arena and on behalf of families such as the Sumarins who remain powerless in the face of state sponsored property crime and a complicit judiciary.

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