Sarah Haynes (WA) responds to The Australian’s “Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons 19Dec11 December 19, 2011

The Australian: Rudd seeks action on torture allegations involving Palestinian children” by John Lyons, 17 December 2011


Thank you for your recent reports on Palestinian children being abused by the Israeli military court system and its soldiers.

I was horrified by the accounts first aired in the Australian a few weeks ago and am pleased that your report, and presumably other political pressure, has resulted in Foreign Minster Rudd instructing our diplomats to visit. I hope that is just the beginning, and not the end of Australia’s official interest in the matter.

The description of Israeli army actions against small children surely indicates much worse atrocities against adults.  Much as I support all efforts to cease such mental and physical violence against children, we must no less worry about the welfare of innocent adults who are likewise physically and mentally tortured to obtain false confessions.

I am not sure how Israel can claim to be a democracy when one group of people it governs is so privileged over the other. The man who openly confessed to assassinating Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is afforded better treatment than children who may or may not have thrown rocks at soldiers!

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