Dora McPhee (VIC) comments on Michael Vincent’s ABC coverage of the Jenin refugee camp’s Freedom Theatre 3Jan12 January 4, 2012

While Michael Vincent’s coverage of the Freedom Theatre and Australian social worker/theatre director Ben Rivers goal to have it tour Europe and Australia was welcome news, it was highly disappointing to yet again see how relevant facts that would show Israel’s occupation practices are left out of the coverage.

No mention was made of Zakaria Zubeidi’s detention by the Israeli military after he took over from the murdered director Juliano Mer Khamis and the continued harrassment of the theatre by the Israeli Defence Forces.

Nor was mention made of the fact that he has been jailed by the Palestinian security forces and told to hand himself in the Israelis who have apparently revoked his amnesty deal “in a move seen by his associates as part of a campaign of harassment against a radical West Bank theatre”

Once again by omission the ABC keeps its viewers ignorant of the fact that still to this day Palestinians live under a harsh military occupation in their homeland and are continually denied any means of resisting the illegal occupation of their land – even nonviolent means. This omission perpetuates the myth that Israel is a liberal democracy acting within the rule of law vis-a-vis the Palestinians.

It is the cumulative effect of multiple omissions of this kind that hides who are the true victims and what are the core reasons of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

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