A CHILLING VIDEO: Erased – wiped off the map 9Jan12 January 9, 2012

Ewa Jasiewicz: This film should be shown on mainstream TV. So far only shown on Spanish primetime. It was made by Alberto Arce and Mohammed Rujaila, and the only foreign documentary of the massacres in Gaza 3 years ago. Today 3 years ago Israel bombed over 300 people to death in one day alone, over 250 in less than an hour. Gaza has experienced masacres at the hands of Israel before, but Operation Cast Lead was the biggest attack on Palestinian territory since 1967. 1400 dead, 90% civilians (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights), and the majority were killed by drones – executed by the push of a button by a soldier in Bunker miles out of the ‘battlefield’. Remote killing is the height of desensitization and alienation and makes mass murder easy, routine and banal. Despite the Israeli army claiming the operation was an effective deterrant to Palestinian resistance – the daily struggles for freedom, identity and justice, the reality is that Sumoud runs deep and is keeping everyone collectively committed to their freedom, their land, their history, their future, a steadfastness that no amount of white phosphorous, flachette shells, international silence and Israeli impunity can deter.

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