Group of Israeli judges in Silwan to reconsider the military point 27Jan12 January 26, 2012

Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan  -  25 January 2012

Some of the Israeli judges made a  Field visit to one of the Military points that is settling in the neighborhood of Batn Al Hawah in Silwan to check the military point that is situated over one of the residents own roof which is densely inhabited by Palestinians . The roof has been taken over by the Israeli forces since more than a year under the pretext of the security of the settlers. The residents of the neighborhood consider this act as the beginning to take over more Palestinians’ properties justifying this by unlawful security reasons that don’t have any credibility. One Female Palestinian says” If the security is the only reason for their presence and we as Palestinians the ones who create the danger as they claim , why do they come to live between us, these are just lies. In the past they said that the discriminative segregation wall has a security importance, but reality proves that the motivations for it was  to confiscate lands by the settlers and take over the Palestinian properties under the pretext of illusions. She adds” the occupation try to legitimize taking over the roofs according to the mandate emergency law, so Israel Authority uses now four laws , the Othmani, the British, the Jordanian in addition to their own law. These laws are practiced and used according to its interests and in particularly when it comes to the Palestinians properties and pulling out the citizenship from the Palestinians.Muhammad Mahmoud the authorized lawyer by the citizens said to Silwanic” The judges found out contradictions between the statements of the Israeli soldiers about the military point and what they saw in reality. For example the Israeli soldiers say that the kids who throw stones over the settlers and flee away to other roofs, while the judges found out that it is impossible for the kids to jump from one roof to another due to the 2 meters space between them and some of the building are 6 stories high”One of the residents in the building said ” If we need to fix anything over the roof we have to take their permission for example we asked them to give us the permission to fix the leaking pipes over there two months ago but until  know we didn’t get it.”








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