Duncan Shipley-Smith (NSW) writes to organiser of Israeli musician Moshe Ben Ari Australian tour 9Mar12 March 8, 2012

Dear Simon,

I am writing to you to express my concerns about the proposed Australian tour of Israeli musician Mosh Ben Ari.

I note with dismay the Zionist Federation of Australia is offering free tickets to ben Ari’s Melbourne and Sydney shows who’ like’ its facebook page.

An enquiry lodged with the ZFA regarding its involvement in the funding of illegal Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank of Palestine as well as the unlawful expropriation of Palestinian cultural sites in Jerusalem met with a refusal to discuss the matter.

Notwithstanding ZFA’s silence on the issue evidence of ZFA’s support for the World Zionist Organization’s Settlement Division is demonstrable. Settlements built over the Green Line in occupied territory are illegal according to international law and are seen as a major obstacle to peace between israel and the Palestinians.

Mosh Ben Ari’s Cd’s are available from a web site that directly profits from Dead Sea cosmetics made with mineral resources that rightly belong to the people of Palestine. The site also sells offensive T-Shirts celebrating Operation Cast Lead, which took the lives of 1400 people including 400 children in Gaza, and T-shirts depicting the logos of terrorist organisations that engaged in the massacre of civilians in Palestine: Irgun Zvai Leumi and Haganah. http://www.judaicawebstore.com <http://www.judaicawebstore.com>

As an active member of a group dedicated to upholding the sovereign rights of the people of Palestine according to international law and covenants I support Palestinian civil society’s call for the economic, cultural, sporting and academic boycott of Israel also known as BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions). BDS has been supported by such music figures as Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Massive Attack and many others.

The presence of Mosh Ben Ari in our community is a cause for concern that may lead to an active publicity campaign to discourage patrons from attending his concerts. Given Mosh Ben Ari’s association with organisations and businesses that promote the theft of Palestinian resources and celebrate the murder of its citizens I call on your conscience to offer a convincing argument as to why these concerts should not be the subject of a boycott.

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Thank You.
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