BOOK: “Beyond Occupation: Apartheid, Colonialism and International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories” ed by Virginia Tilley 21Mar12 March 20, 2012

The definitive legal study showing that Israel’s practices are consistent with apartheid, now fully re-edited and available in paperback …


Virginia Tilley, Editor

Beyond Occupation looks at three contentious terms that regularly arise in contemporary arguments about Israel’s practices towards Palestinians in the occupied territories—occupation, colonialism and apartheid—and considers whether their meanings in international law truly apply to Israel’s policies. This analysis is timely and urgent, as colonialism and apartheid are particularly serious breaches of human rights law and apartheid is a crime against humanity under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.  

The contributors present conclusive evidence that Israel’s administration of the Palestinian territories is consistent with colonialism and apartheid, as these regimes are defined in human rights law. Their analysis further shows that these practices are deliberate Israeli state policies, imposed on the Palestinian civilian population under military occupation.

These findings raise serious implications for the legality and legitimacy of Israel’s continuing occupation of the Palestinian territories and the responsibility of the entire international community to challenge practices considered contrary to fundamental values of the international legal order.


JOHN DUGARD, Professor of Law at Leiden University and former Special Rapporteur for the UN Human Rights Committee on the situation in occupied Palestinian territory — “This study examines the increasingly frequent assertion that Israel is practicing apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territory within the normative framework of contemporary international law. Its conclusion, based also on a careful analysis of law and practices in apartheid South Africa and in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, reveals a new and troubling dimension of a conflict that has long confronted the international community.”

GEORGE BISHARAT, Professor of Law, University of California-Hastings — “A responsible re-evaluation of the legal relationship between Israel and the Palestinian territories under its control is long overdue.  This compelling study, by reputable legal scholars, answers the international community’s need for new analytical tools to understand a conflict that defies conventional legal categories.”

RONNIE KASRILS, former Minister of Intelligence Services, Republic of South Africa — “Like many fellow South Africans, while visiting the occupied Palestinian territories I’ve been startled to see Israel repeating or even exceeding the oppressive practices of the apartheid regime that I fought for decades. This study, which confirms my worst impressions, warrants urgent attention by the whole international community.”

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