Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to Weiss’ “Article shows thorough misunderstanding of issue”, Canberra Time, 2Apr12 April 2, 2012

The Canberra Times: “Article shows thorough misunderstanding of issue” by Einat Weiss, 2 April 2012

I wish to comment on the articles by Einat Weiss and Bishop Pat Power which appeared in your paper on the 2nd April and 27th March respectively.

I read Bishop Power’s article which not only revealed his compassion for the long standing injustice suffered by Palestinians but appropriately ended with a plea for an end to their suffering and for all who value peace and justice to act to bring their oppression to an end.

His words in essence were what one would hope to expect from a senior man of religion.

Einat Weiss on the other hand appears to have read the same article as if it were written by a fool. He patronises Bishop Power for misunderstanding the situation, for listening to religious fanatics and for falling for propaganda intended to vilify “a tiny democracy, unique among all nations”.

He repeatedly insinuates that Bishop power has allowed himself to be duped by skilful anti-Semitic extremists.The most shocking thing is that it would appear that Einat Weiss may well be suffering from the very same fault that he accuses Bishop power of. Reciting so called facts that have been skilfully propagandised over decades in order to excuse the oppression of Palestinians by the Israeli state.

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