Lavinia Moore (SA) responds to “Israeli call for pressure on Netanyahu “, SMH, 13Apr12 April 13, 2012

Sydney Morning Herald  -  Israeli call for pressure on Netanyahu  -  7 April 2012

Ethical politics is usually an oxymoron these days.

Yossi Beilin (smh 7/4) would appear to be someone who makes the paradoxical a rational choice.

Given the reality of the situation in Palestine/Israel that exists today, who could not be suspicious of anyone who collaborates with self-interested politicians when they request others to keep on doing the same old collaborative and insidious so-called peace process which has in reality merely provided a cover for the continued colonisation of Palestine and the oppression of its indigenous peoples.

That includes those Palestinians living in the occupied territories as well as in Israel. Ask the Bedouin of the Negev about respect for human rights and for the law. Ask them about what happens to those who chose to remain in their own land only to be ethnically cleansed time and time again by the colonial occupiers.

Right from the beginning Israeli leaders have been clear about their intentions, even if sometimes the truth of what they intended was kept secret from the general public or those who may have acted to prevent them from doing what they did.

That the state of Israel has managed to achieve its goals to the extent it has, has been in part due to the collaboration of those who have a vested interest in helping them, but also because their victims have thought, like victims of violence and abuse often do, that perhaps they could save something if they are nice to and please their persecutors.

It never works.

Beilin is correct. People like Obama are only interested in their own future, and with the US elections imminent, the welfare of the Palestinians whether they be in the West Bank, Gaza, the Negev or in refugee camps or elsewhere in the Diaspora, don’t even matter.

It may be that only if Palestinians take charge of their own destiny by working with all factions and with Palestinians wherever they are, that Palestine may be able to achieve something approximating their old homeland of Palestine.

They certainly will never get it by sticking to the so-called peace process, and kow-towing to the US and Israeli governments.

I take my hat off to Mr. Beilin for having the courage and integrity to say what he has said. It seems to me to be a rational choice.

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