Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to “A family pays the price of Gaza’s rift”, The Age, 14Apr12 April 14, 2012

THE AGE:  “A family pays the price of Gaza’s rift” by Ruth Pollard, 14 April 2012

It is hardly surprising that Ruth Pollard’s emphasis is on Palestinian disunity as the main culprit bringing about the demise of three Gazan children in “A family pays the price of Gaza’s rift” given the routine mainstream media’s biased narrative of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

True, Pollard does allude to the overarching Israeli siege and blockade of Gaza crippling this imprisoned population but then squarely puts the blame on the rift between the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions.

Her report does not take into account the arm twisting by Israel and the US through its threats to withhold aid that virtually forbids Abbas from making any meaningful unity deal.

Nor does she emphasise that the siege and blockade are totally illegal and in fact constitutes collective punishment of a whole population most of whom are refugees that were driven from their homes in what is now the Israeli state.

Their human rights have been denied them for six decades on a daily basis since the creation of the state of Israel and no doubt will be continued to be violated so long as Israel’s powerful US sponsor continues to use its veto power in the UN.

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