Steven Katsineris (VIC) responds to Dyrenfurth’s “What must be said remains unspeakable” The Age, 20 April April 20, 2012

The Age: “What must be said remains unspeakable” by Nick Dyrenfurth, 19 April 2012

Nick Dyrenfurth’s opinion piece (The Age, April19.) was nothing but a pathetic attempt to justify Israel’s immoral actions against the Palestinians and to equate reasonable criticism of Israel with anti-semitism. Furthermore, to say that the brutal regime in Syria has killed “roughly” the same number of Syrians, that Israel has killed Palestinians since the 1948 dispossession to somehow excuse Israeli brutality is nonsense. Even without taking into account the Palestinian casualties killed by Israel in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and elsewhere, more have been killed in Palestine, by Israel. That doesn’t include those slaughtered by its proxies, like the fascist Lebanese forces that were armed, trained, paid and commanded by the Israeli military and responsible for the massacres of thousands of Palestinian and others at Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in Lebanon.  

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