Dr Vacy Vlazna writes to Israeli ambassador to the UN re Israel’s latest faux pas 26May12 May 26, 2012

HE Excellency Ron Prosor
Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations

While Australians are deprived of the honour of meeting the highly respected human rights advocate, Shawan Jabarin, Director-General of AlHaq, who was  to be the guest of The NSW Parliamentary Friends of Palestine this month, Israel provided a valued consolation gift-  the welcome bullet of stupidity that Israel has shot into its own foot in mouth adding another notch to the BBC poll for worst country as the news of Israel’s latest faux pas circulates in Australia and beyond.

Every time Israel bans Palestinians from leaving Israel’s West Bank-Gaza Prison, and every time a well-meaning foreigner is refused entry to give humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, Israel is consolidating its reputation as a global pariah, now, according to the BBC poll, on par with North Korea for having the highest negative influence on the global stage.

North Korea! I bet Israel’s Ministry of Hasbara is in a right flap utterly bewildered how its promotion of Israel as  the only so-called ‘democratic’ ‘civilised’  nation in the Middle East has failed.

North Korea is a world joke and in that lies the difference between people’s perception of North Korea and Israel. Israel is not a joke.

Unlike Israel, North Korea hasn’t illegally occupied another people, it hasn’t rounded up another people into concentration camps ringed by 500 checkpoints, it hasn’t stolen land and demolished homes  of another people, it hasn’t hasn’t committed crimes against humanity and war crimes against another people.

The international community only vaguely know of North Korea through the occasional sabre-rattling of the US, but the world has woken up to Israel’s atrocities and human and civil rights abuses. We all know of Israel’s wars on the trapped citizens of Gaza, we know of the Mavi Marmara massacre, we know of the illegal Annexation Wall, we know of Israel’s murder of children, we know of the  2000  hunger striking prisoners, its arbitrary arrests, its administrative detention, its extrajudicial executions. We know  how  Israel dishonours the tragedy of the Holocaust by shrieking anti-semitism when criticised, we know about  Israel’s  insolent disregard of hundreds of UN  resolutions…

as well as its months of screeching to plunge the world into war with Iran.

At this rate, Israel’s abysmal lack of humanity will see it rightfully top the BBC chart for the worst country in the world.

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