SCHOOL BUS APPEAL Aug09 August 22, 2009


The ‘recycled’ Bedouin school built of tires and mud is in danger.


Legal Status of “Car Tyres & Mud” school:

  • Stop work order issued by Civil Administration 23rd June 2009
  • Demolition order issued shortly thereafter 23rd July 2009
  • Petition against demolition filed 4th August, 2009 by Adv. Shlomo Lecke
  • Interim court order given; State asked to respond to petition within 7 days days
  • 11th August, 2009 State asked for 14 day extension to respond, stating it would not challenge decision if status quo of building maintained
  • 12th August, 2009 Court issued permanent interim order with two conditions:
  1. Construction work must stop
  2. The structure must not be utilised
  • 12th August, 2009 Lecker wrote to Attorney General’s office, asking them to agree to operate school and change interim order
  • On 16th August, 2009 Lecker received response stating State’s position would be clarified in Response to Petition, to be submitted 25th August, 2009

Legal Fees: 25% local Jahalin, 25% ICAHD, 50% NRC

What Can You Do?  Please contact:
Minister of Defence, Ehud Barak, Ministry of Defence, Kirya, Tel  Aviv
Head of the Civil Administration, Brigadier General Yoav  Mordechai,Central Command, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem
Request them to commit to their responsibilities under Oslo and Fourth Geneva Convention to provide education, health facilities and all human rights to West Bank Bedouin refugees and cease displacement in Area “C”.

BUS APPEAL: A bus, costing $40,000 (incl. parts, fuel, insurance and driver) is required to get children aged 10+ to schools in Jericho or Azaria.  If you can contribute to this fund, please send cheques made out to Angela Godfrey at PO Box 10039, Geulim, Jerusalem, 91100, since bus money previously collected has gone towards legal fees and building supplies for the school.  Receipts will be supplied.

Background Information:

  • School designed and partly funded (€8000) by Italian NGO “Vento di Terra
  • Funding also from Sisters of Camboni (€10,000), ICAHD (€8,000) with SIVMO and France-Palestine Solidarite de St. Etienne
  • International volunteer builders (Rabbis for Human Rights & ICAHD) and Bedouin
  • The school (4 classrooms) to cater for 70 Bedouin Jahalin pupils aged 6-10 who have no alternative educational facilities and currently receive NO education (80 children in the community cannot attend as the school is not big enough)
  • Many Bedouin children receive no education due to high cost and irregularity of local transport to Palestinian schools in Azaria or Jericho
  • Three small children killed on Jericho Road at Khan el Ahmar in past year
  • School will be premises for community activities, and mobile medical clinic
  • The PA has committed to provide six teachers

Additional Information

  • Over 3,000 Jahalin Bedouin in Ma’ale  Adumim area, including Khan el Ahmar, have military eviction orders (since 2007) with no alternative location offered
  • 30,000 Bedouin refugees from Negev live in “Area C” and receive no support from IDF/Civil Administration (responsible under Fourth Geneva Convention for health, education and all other human rights – none of which supplied)
  • Regular demolitions in “Area C” but past statistics minimal – because demolition orders cite “clearance of garbage” not “demolition of structure”
  • 80% of West Bank Bedouin (Jahalin, Kaabneh, Azazmeh, Ramadeen, Sariaa & Rashaida) registered with UNRWA as refugees since early 50s, having fled Israeli “Operation Broom”, to Gaza, Jordan or West Bank
  • WB Bedouin live in isolated encampments of herding communities in desert areas near Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho & Jordan Valley
  • All suffer severe restrictions by IDF on movement, total lack of building permits, land confiscations, proximity to settlements & high unemployment
  • Israeli authorities regularly pressure, threaten, intimidate & oppress local communities to force relocation.  Measures include restriction of pastoral areas, removal of means of livelihood, imposition of various penalties, monetary fines, confiscation of water tanks, power generators & livestock, imprisonment, physical abuse & killing of Bedouin & livestock, road blocks to isolate communities & deprivation of access to services, destruction of services (e.g. destruction Wadi Abu Hindi primary school), destruction of roads, house raids by Israeli armed patrols by day & night (Al Jib raided at 3.00 a.m. to register ID numbers & phones of resident there) & regular demolitions
  • Most suffer from extreme poverty & absence of all services or regular access to health, education, work, electricity, water or food security
  • Demolitions, appropriation & displacement regularly precede settlement development on those lands, or Wall infrastructure
  • Bedouin suffer from settler violence & regular settler harassment
  • “Area C” is zoned as agricultural land, so building permits are never given; all settlements are “Area C” (60% WB) as are settlement industrial estates, military bases, settler roads


  • INGOs have set up mobile clinics but regular accessible healthcare remains a pressing problem especially for aged, disabled, children & pregnant women
  • Healthcare rarely prioritised by Bedouin as need to survive overtakes it


  • Most have no water connection; many depend on INGOs and UN agencies for water & animal fodder in this worst drought in 60 years (four years of no rain)


  • West Bank Bedouin have no connection to electricity grids of either PA or Israeli settlements & depend on generators or oil lamps


  • Bedouin increasingly seek education, as traditional life is forcibly challenged  Students, especially girls, face overwhelming obstacles to access schools & lack electricity for home studying;  buses required to ensure school attendance

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