DORA MCPHEE (VIC) responds to Ruth Pollard’s report “Israeli soldiers expose plight of Palestinian children” 27Aug12 August 27, 2012

THE AGE: “Israeli soldiers expose plight of Palestinian children” by Ruth Pollard, 27 August 2012

Palestinian children come into the world under the boot of an occupation.

Their human rights are already compromised by a state that cannot afford to give them full equality since it was built on the original sin of their dispossession that denies them their birth right of a homeland.

The biggest abuse of Palestinian children is not the daily humiliations, the brutal treatment at the hands of Israeli soldiers or the systemic legal structures allowing their improper detention and for some torture, rather it is the fact of being born into a system of apartheid that legalizes the domination of Jewish  citizens of the state over the indigenous non-Jewish inhabitants of the land.

This system must be dismantled to ensure justice, equality and full human rights for all who inhabit what was once Palestine.

Maybe then the abuses of Palestinian children will end and Jewish Israeli children will not be brutalized by having to serve in an army that forever denies a people their human rights.

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