Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Pollard’s “Israeli settlers launch assault on Palestinian agriculture” The Age, 17Oct12 October 17, 2012

The Age: “Israeli settlers launch assault on Palestinian agriculture” by Ruth Pollard, 17 October 2012

Israeli settlers launch assault on Palestinian agriculture” (17/10/2012) leaves out the wider context of Israel’s official destruction of Palestinian homes and land including thousands of olive trees over the years. Most Palestinians are prevented from accessing vast amounts of their most fertile agricultural land because it has been zoned as area C or for military use only, in Israel’s illegal occupation. Meanwhile the state facilitates the illegal colonisation and use of this land and its resources by the very same Jewish settlers that are now launching further violent assaults on Palestinian farmers and their remaining olive trees. This is the ongoing slow ethnic cleansing that continues mostly under the media radar and to which the world remains silent, even as illegal settlements continue to expand into concrete evidence of this land theft.

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