AUDIO: Scott Horton interviews Eugene Bird on Obama’s leaked plan for a Palestinian state September 1, 2009 -  29 August 2009

Eugene Bird, president of the Council for the National Interest Foundation, discusses Obama’s leaked plan for a Palestinian state, evictions and house demolitions in non-Jewish areas of East Jerusalem and gives a most revealing picture of what is happening in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and how the US is heavily implicated in the brutal oppressive system of control being imposed on the Palestinian people by Israel.  He talks about the increasing agreement among foreign policy elites that Israel must make concessions and how Iran’s nuclear issue is exaggerated by Israel to divert attention away from the Palestinian issue.

AUDIO: MP3 here. (44:29)

Eugene Bird is President of the Council for the National Interest (CNI) and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. He is the former Counselor of Embassy in Saudi Arabia and has served in Jerusalem and in several other Middle East posts. He has followed the peace process from Washington and in the field since 1993. He was at the Camp David talks as a reporter, and at the Wye River talks between Israel, the Palestinian leadership and President Clinton. He is knowledgeable about the politics and leadership of Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, where he is well known as a journalist and the leader of CNI.

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