Willy Bach (NSW) comments on the ABC’s reporting of Israel’s attack on Gaza 17Nov12 November 17, 2012

Whilst I appreciate that reporter Matt Brown is actually in Gaza recording events from there; and whilst I noted Fran Kelly challenging Mark Regev on some of his veiled threats of terrible military consequences for Palestinians, I still get an uncomfortable feeling that the ABC is trying to portray the overwhelming force of Israeli forces (using US-supplied weapons) as a ‘response’ to Hamas’ paltry home-made rockets used in desperation in a futile attempt to resist the ongoing Israeli siege and regular humiliations and collective punishment of civilians in Gaza.

I just read this ABC report. You would think that most of the raining down of death from the sky was happening in Tel Aviv and the incidental deaths in Gaza were from an outbreak of the flu. Is the ABC, sorry, our ABC, towing the Gillard government’s line of uncritical support for the Zionist state of Israel a bit too closely? So, what will the ABC have to say when Israeli casualties remain stubbornly low at three and Gazan figures soar into the hundreds.

I think the ABC has to start looking at the power assymetry and the disproportionality of weaponry, resources and technology. They seem incapable of imagining that the people of Gaza are under siege and have the right to resist the military occupation they endure. Balanced reporting does not equate to copying and pasting of half what Mark Regev says.

Now that Australia is an exemplary nation, as Foreign Minister, Bob Carr claims, and soon to take up a temporary seat on the UN Security Council, surely we should be seeking to implement the UN Charter, at least!

Rockets target Tel Aviv as death toll mounts
by Middle East correspondent Matt Brown, staff and wires

Please Aunty, there are so few trustworthy news outlets in the world. Even the BBC has lost its previous reputation. Please maintain the high standards of journalism for which you are rightly famed.

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