Rex Williams (ACT) writes to ABC’s 7.30 Report re Leigh Sales interview of Mark Regev on Gaza 17Nov12 November 17, 2012

“Leigh Sales, represented on occasions to me when I have had reason to make a comment as to her skills and bias levels, that she  “plays the Devil’s Advocate on occasions”. She  must have left all her skills in the cupboard tonight because the Israeli spokesman, Mark Regev  made her look like a rank amateur.
Of all the questions she could have asked, the most obvious one was in response to his statement that the Palestinians ‘should be building schools’ and the like, and it beggared belief that she didn’t ask “out of what”? There are no shipments available to Palestinians, the Israelis are slowing starving them with more and more restrictions on food deliveries (according to the UN and the Red Cross), fouling their water supplies, uprooted 13,000 olive trees, flooded their agricultural land with sewerage and on it goes. There are killings every day. Did we hear any of this?
But why would an ABC reporter mention things like that with a new Israel-oriented Chairman with  his own long term priorities. Seems that the PM’s appointment of Jim Spigelman is really paying off for her, if this interview is an example.
Israel will be very pleased indeed, and will see this as a clear example of what Australia has now become. A compromised country.
The very worst example of incompetence I have ever seen on any program. She was completely overawed and it showed.
People who pursue justice have seen just one more example of the ABC’s  dishonesty, as with the BBC

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