Dr Vacy Vlazna (NSW) writes to Foreign Minister Bob Carr re Israel’s attack on Gaza 20Nov12 November 20, 2012

Minister Carr

My starting point is my unequivocal condemnation of your despicable unequivocal support of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

In your interview with ABC’s Samantha  Hawley, you didn’t show a modicum of  compassion or concern for the people of Gaza…the victims of Israel’s illegal and disproportionate bombing assaults and illegal collective punishment.

I have  included the list of Palestinians murdered by Israel  below.

To the Australian public, you irresponsibly perpetuated the weasly deceitful impression that the world’s  4th largest nuclear  military is the victim of Hamas’ rockets which have been  fired in self-defence since Israel broke the Egyptian mediated  truce by illegally assassinating  Ahmed al Jaabari who was a key player in maintaining the truce on the  Palestinian side.

The world knows Israel does not want peace to hinder its Zionist thrust to takeover all of Palestine.

You blatantly revealed your dismal lack of  statesmanship and disregard for Australia’s Foreign Ministry  responsibilities with your offhand arrogant dismissal of Middle East issues:

Well there will always be trouble in the Middle East and if an American president had to respond to that by going nowhere, but sitting in the White House Situation Room, there’d be nothing else achieved in American foreign policy.

Despite your parroting of Israeli propaganda, like  Gillard, you are out of step with the Australian public of which 65% has a negative view of Israel  heightened since Israel’s  2008/9 Operation Cast lead against Gazans. Australians are profoundly  shocked by  Israel’s repeat war crimes today.

You, Foreign Minister, and Gillard by your unequivocal support of Israel’s impunity to commit war crimes  demean Australian decency.

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