Eden Springs water no more welcome at the CHUV hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland 8Aug09 September 3, 2009

An incredible success story for BDS in Switzerland.  Short summary of articles posted in the French press:

Last year, a journalist, Christian Campiche, was informed by a patient that the CHUV, Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois in Lausanne,  had Eden Springs water bottles all around. The patient had written a strong letter to the management arguing that a hospital such as the CHUV, one of the biggest in Switzerland ( with nearly 40’000 patients per year, more than 7’800 employees, CHF 1 milliard budget) should not trade with a company whose main activities are to deprive the Palestinians. Hence Christian Campiche went on with the investigation and wrote a one-page article published on September 11, 2008 (click here).

Having got no feedback, he wrote another article on April 9, 2009 titled “CHUV is still not boycotting Eden Springs water !”. Meanwhile Christian Campiche had taken contacts with a Swiss politician, Member of Parliament, who had promised he would take up this matter in the next Parliament session this fall.  FYI, this hospital is state-funded. Their exchange of e-mails was published on Christian Campiche’s website.

And on Thursday, August 6, this article, see hereunder, confirming that Eden Springs is indeed no more welcome at the CHUV, that the latter is no more a “paradise” for such a company!

This is an incredible example of individuals actions so much more effective than the back and forth discussions among pro-Palestinians activists in this country (this is also a personal self-criticism) about how and when to proceed with BDS…

Thanks to this great journalist (and writer), truly professional one, who pursued with determination his investigations, and thanks to this wonderful patient who, while being treated for a serious illness was still so conscious about the suffering of others, a big international company, supporter of apartheid, was kicked out a huge market.

Let us wish dearly that this great success will be followed by others.

Claudine Faehndrich, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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