Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Nick Dyrenfurth’s criticism of Leunig cartoon 14Dec12 December 14, 2012

THE AGE:  “Leunig, your provocative use of Nazi analogies is so tiresomeby Nick Dyrenfurth,  14 December 2012

For all Nick Dyrenfurth’s criticism of Michael Leuning cartoon, the fact remains that a monumental historic injustice to Palestinian people continues to be compounded by Israel’s ongoing violence against them as a people and the world allows this travesty to continue through its turning of a blind eye.
While the world may have voted to partition Palestine it was against the wishes of the people who had patrimony to that land and who were given no say in their own self-determination. The majority were ethnically cleansed from their towns and villages and their history was erased and replaced with an Israel-centric version of events.

They were denied their right of return even though this right was and continues to be acknowledged as an inalienable right and Israel’s admission into the United Nations was contingent on honouring this right.

Their right to self-defence of their land and resources has been consistently denied, while Israel’s ongoing colonization is pursued relentlessly. Yet the burgeoning settlements built on Palestinian land is no cause for shame as the world looks the other way as they become facts on the ground.

And the biggest silence of all is how all this was and can only be achieved through complicity with the ongoing violence of denying a people what are their human rights and giving them no recourse to defend those human rights.

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