Bill Snowdon (VIC) on Koutsoukis article “Shoved and shamed, they are the lucky ones” The Age 17 June 2009 PUBLISHED June 18, 2009

The Age: “Shoved and shamed, they are the lucky ones” by Jason Koutsoukis

[Letter published]

THE pictures used to illustrate the article by Jason Koutsoukis (The Age, 17/6) are better than a thousand words. I was reminded of how we used to treat sheep in the 1930s when I was in my early teens. We would gather them together, as for the Palestinians, run them through a long race, similar to that used for the Palestinians, and, using a drafting gate, separate them into groups depending on their identity.

However, they were treated humanely, didn’t have to hang around for hours before they were processed and the procedure wasn’t repeated twice a day for five or six days each week. When released, they could return to their paddock and not be constantly hassled.

In short, the Palestinians are treated far worse than animals. And this is not likely to stop while countries send delegations to Israel to strengthen political, business and cultural ties instead of instituting a program of boycotts, divestments and sanctions that had such a powerful influence in bringing about the downfall of South Africa’s apartheid government.

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