Ali Kazak (ACT) responds to SMH’s article on Israel’s denial it killed Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Durah 23May13 May 23, 2013

It is not surprising that Israel deny the killing of the Palestinian child Muhammad al-Durah (“Israel denies blame, queries boy’s death”, May 21), its history is full of deception and denials. The Zionist organisation which established Israel in Palestine in 1948 with the help of British colonialism, denied first that Palestine was inhabited, raising in 1901 the slogan “a land without a people for a people without a land”, followed by the claim that Palestine, the land of oranges, olives, milk and honey, “was a desert” and that European Jewish colonialist “made the desert bloom”, then in 1961 Israel’s prime minister Golda Meir even denied the existence of the Palestinian people saying “there was no such thing as Palestinian people, they did not exist”, and now, thirteen years later with the killing of Muhammad al-Durah their famous talent come to tell us that they did not kill the child and that he may even be still alive !!
All deniers, whether Israelis or holocaust denials, have one thing in common, the audacity to lie to the living, but they only lie to themselves, as the Arab saying goes “ the rope of the lie is short”.

Ali Kazak
Former Palestinian ambassador

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