BBC Poll: 52% see Israel’s influence as negative 26May13 May 26, 2013

Palestine News Network     -    25 May 2013

bbc_340_220Israel placed near the bottom of a BBC poll released Thursday ranking the world’s most positively viewed countries.

Some 26,000 people from 25 countries around the world were asked if they viewed a list of 16 countries and the European Union as having a “mainly positive” or “mainly negative” influence in the world.

Germany topped the list with 59 percent of respondents viewing it positively, followed by Canada (55%), the UK (55%) and Japan (51%). Japan topped the list last year with a 58% positive influence rating.

Only North Korea, Pakistan and Iran had lower positivity scores than Israel. Twenty-one percent of respondents viewed Israel’s influence as mainly positive, while 52% saw the Jewish State’s influence as mainly negative. Israel’s positivity ranking was identical to the score it received in the 2012 BBC poll.

Just 15% of respondents considered Iran’s influence as mainly positive, while 59% said the Islamic Republic’s influence was mainly negative.

France finished fifth in positive influence (49%), followed by the EU (49%), Brazil (46%), US (45%), China (42%), South Korea (36%), South Africa (35%), India (34%) and Russia (30%).

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