Dr Vacy Vlazna writes in support of The Hon Shaoquett Moselmane, NSW State Parliament for his support of Palestine 28May13 May 28, 2013

NSW State Parliament

CC: John Robertson, NSW ALP Leader of Opposition, Mr Sam Dastyari, General Secretary of the NSW ALP, Mr George Grew, National Secretary of the ALP

Dear The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane

Believe me, it is sadly extremely rare for me to address any member of the State and Federal Labor or Liberal parties as The Honourable, but you deserve this title for your honourable stand against the ‘cancerous, malicious’ machinations of the Australian Jewish Lobby and the total deficit of  The Australian’s journalistic integrity on the matter of Israel’s daily violations of Palestine’s political and human rights under international law.

It is unnerving  to watch the unprincipled and cringe-worthy obsequiousness of Australia’s major parties to Jewish Lobby funding and to Israel which is effectually a rogue nation that spurns UN Resolutions and commits daily war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity shamefully sanctioned by Australia with inhumane disregard for the terrible suffering inflicted on Palestinian families.

I hope, for Australia’s political dignity, that the Labor Party will about turn and support your and the majority of the Australian public’s condemnation of the State of Israel for its  apartheid policies and illegal occupation of the citizens of the State of Palestine.

Israel, in the recent BBC poll of positively viewed nations, ranked just above North Korea ( should be well below).

I also hope the Labor Party will  back the BDS movement which has been established to honour the legal responsibilities under International Law to protect Palestinian political and human rights that governments, like Australia, have  shamefully abrogated.

Once again I applaud you for your principled stand and honesty for justice for Palestine and her people.

With Admiration

Dr Vacy Vlazna

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