Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to Chairman of B’nai B’rith Anti-defamation Commission in response to letter written to New Matilda 17Sep09 September 19, 2009

Tony Levy,
Chairman B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission
c/- New Matilda

I was able to read a copy of your letter sent to New Matilda which was included by link on Michael Danby’s speech on 11th September.

I was astounded by your logic in the words “In the period studied you published 18 articles on Israel and the Palestinians, an average of more than one a week. By contrast with other regions of international concern where human rights are an issue you published in the same period one article on Burma (focused on strategic analysis not humanitarian concerns), nothing on Darfur, nothing on Zimbabwe, nothing on Tibet and nothing on North Korea. This disproportionate coverage implies that the humanitarian challenges of the region are the worst in the world — an implication which is demonstrably false”.

As I see it, the difference between Darfur, Zimbabwe, China (in relation to Tibet) or North Korea is that I don’t recall our Prime Minister standing up in Parliament congratulating any of these governments on their birthday in the same way he did on the 60th anniversary of Israel. He has even gone as far as to say Israel was in his DNA.   Furthermore, using your reasoning I could say “don’t pick on me for molesting my child because the bloke up the road is molesting both of his”.

No one in their right mind could not see the bias towards Israel in politics and the mainstream media.  The latest example of this being instruction I believe  given to SBS not to use the term “Palestinian Land” when referring to the Occupied Territories.

No matter how you would like the world to see it, once one delves into the narrative it is blatantly clear that Israel is daily stealing more and more of the land which was Palestine until 1947.  What Israel has taken to date far exceeds what the UN intended and it is obvious that it intends to continue to take more until there is nothing left for Palestinians.

Finally correct me if I am wrong here, someone like me  whose maternal grandmother was born into a Jewish home in England late in the 19th century is encouraged to claim by birth right to live in Israel ( I could probably even have the relocation subsidised by the likes of Joe Gutnick if I decide to live in the occupied territories) yet a Palestinian whose home/village was destroyed to allow for the building of my home has absolutely no right to return.

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