Fay Waddington (QLD) writes to Australia Post re Australia-Israel joint issue stamps 25Jun13 June 26, 2013

Ahmed Fahour
CEO Australia Post
111 Bourke St
Melbourne 3000

Good Day Ahmed

It is quite disturbing to me that at the same time as Palestine’s chief negotiator (Dr Saeb Erekat) issues a Press Release about clear statements made by several high-ranking Israeli officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Religious Affairs of their intention to actively work against the internationally endorsed two state solution of the Israel/Palestine conflict on the 67 borders,  Australia Post has also made a significant contribution towards the attempted expunging of Palestinians from the historic narrative.  I refer to your release of a new series of stamps commemorating Beersheba Battle of 1917.  Israel did not exist in 1917 but one would not reach that conclusion reading the propaganda attached to this stamp release.

The international community has never been allowed to forget the tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust.  Thanks in no small way to the powerful influence of Zionists of whom I presume the wealthy and sometimes controversial Pratt family can be counted.  This is rightly so.  But it is equally important that the same powerful Zionist influence is not be permitted to purge from history the ongoing tragedy suffered by Palestinians especially since the violent birth of Israel in 1948.  It is heart-rending enough that daily more and more of their land, water, trees and livelihoods are taken away by Israel.  (Evidence of this is readily available from numerous unbiased sources including Jewish NGO’s and historians). It is even more painful somehow to see their very historic presence in their homeland be wiped off the international collective memory?  Australia Post should be ashamed of being complicit in this with this stamp release.

I am doing my little bit by writing to you and refusing to accept that stamp if offered by an Australia Post outlet.  I will encourage others to do likewise and I hope you can be encouraged to withdraw the series altogether. 

Yours sincerely

Fay Waddington

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