Tamarrud’s campaign to abolish Camp David worries Tel Aviv 25Aug13 August 25, 2013

Alakhbar    -     20 August 2013

035634-01-08The Egyptian movement that helped topple the Muslim Brotherhood has launched a similar petition campaign to cancel the 1979 Camp David Peace Accord with Israel, causing great concern in Tel Aviv.

Israel Today newspaper, which is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, raised concerns about the most recent developments in Egypt, remarking that despite the Muslim Brotherhood’s enmity toward Zionism, they did not threaten Camp David in any way. Now, however, the paper continued, with a campaign underway to gather millions of signatures against the treaty, its future is uncertain.

The paper added that the matter would not have amounted to much had it been any group other than the Tamarrud movement – which is largely responsible for mobilizing the protests that brought down Mohamed Mursi on July 3 – that is leading the campaign. Worse yet, the effort appears to be part of a more general drive to end US aid to Cairo in light of the steps Washington is taking to sanction Egypt’s military.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Tamarrud declared its intention to collect 20 million signatures calling for the revocation of the peace accords, reminding its readers that this is the same movement that managed to gather 17 million signatures against Mursi.

In the meantime, Haaretz said that Israel’s security cabinet held a secret meeting to discuss the developments in Egypt, listening to testimonies from various security and diplomatic sources about possible future scenarios. One high-level official told the newspaper that Tel Aviv’s approach at the moment “is to maintain a low media profile” regarding the events in Egypt.

The Israeli paper also made a reference to a recent New York Times article, in which Israeli diplomatic sources claimed that they had sent Egypt’s Minister of Defense Abdel Fattah al-Sisi letters of reassurance that US military aid to the military will not be curtailed and that Israel supports the steps Cairo has taken against the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the newspaper, after US Senator Rand Paul proposed cutting off military aid, the Zionist lobby in Washington sent a letter to members of Congress warning that such a step “could reinforce instability in Egypt, undermine US interests, and negatively affect our ally Israel.” In the end, Paul’s motion lost by a landslide when it was put to a vote in the Senate.

Yedioth Ahronoth’s military analyst Alex Fishman wrote that Israel is in a state of diplomatic emergency, waging an uphill battle at all levels in Washington to help minimize US pressures on the rule of the generals in Egypt.

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