David Albuquerque (QLD) responding to letter from Australian Labor 2Sep13 September 2, 2013

Please see reply to David Albuquerque from Australian Labor below.


Information Services Unit
Australian Labor

Dear Carl

There appears to be an error. It appears you have the wrong letter and your response is intended for someone who has written to you about the Middle East Peace process.

I have not written to you about the peace process at all. My letter, instead, is about:

  1. The immunity provided in the UN by Australia’s Labor Government to Israel’s use of chemical weapons – white phosphorus and napalm.
  2. Labor’s history of providing immunity to Israel in the UN and other forums from scrutiny of its human rights abuse - a practice that Labor has followed diligently for decades.
  3. Using Australia’s inaugural presidency from this month of the UN Security Council to: a) raise Israel’s human rights abuse in the UN General Assembly and Security Council b) impose sanctions to force Israel to comply with the 65 UN resolutions against it and its breach of U.N. Charter and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

If indeed your letter is addressed to me, the only conclusion that any reader can draw is that you are advising me and Australia that:

  1. You are unwilling to discuss Labor’s shielding of Israel from its human rights abuse, or, worse,
  2. The human rights situation can wait till Labor’s solution is accepted by both sides. May I remind you and ALP that peace talks started in 1979 and became bi-lateral since Oslo in 1993. Simple maths will indicate that the negotiations have been on for twenty years with no resolution in sight. Is Labor suggesting that the following be put on hold indefinitely:

Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians both from the West Bank and Israel itself. This ethnic cleansing has currently received a further impetus with Israel’s ongoing Prawer-Begin Plan to relocate upto 70,000 Arab Bedouins from their land in Israel.

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