More mainstream snark over NSA sharing info with Israel 19Sep13 September 19, 2013

by Philip Weiss    -     MONDOWEISS     -      18 September 2013

. . . the New York Times doesn’t think it’s news that the National Security Agency is sharing intelligence data it collects on Americans with Israel. But the story is making waves. Notice the sarcasm in the kicker, from Connor Simpson at the Atlantic Wire:

Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported Tuesday that president Dilma Rousseff was so miffed over the National Security Agency snooping into her communications that she decided to cancel her trip to the White House on October 23…

This is one of the biggest diplomatic backlashes the White House has seen (not involving Russia) since the NSA scandal broke...

As soon as Rousseff’s cancellation was confirmed, the White House announced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit September 30. Since the NSA shares much of its intelligence with Israel, they probably still have a lot to talk about.

The NSA-Israel story is roiling folks all over. From Scott McConnell at the American Conservative:

The ugly truth we now know is that two months after assuming office, Obama or an underling acting in Obama’s name signed an agreement to transfer Americans’ personal and private information to Israel….

For decades, top American officials have acted almost as if they can’t think for themselves, they see everything in the Mideast through the optic of whether it is “good for Israel.” But this is different than that, and worse. The Americans in Israel’s camp at least think that “what’s good for Israel is good for America”—or at least so they proclaim, publicly. But no one can imagine that feeding Israel eavesdropped information on Americans is good for those Americans—that’s why this ugly program has been kept secret.  We have Edward Snowden to thank, otherwise we might never have known how far the rot has gone.

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