US political analyst says Middle East won’t be peaceful until Israel’s nuclear weapons are in international hands 21Sep13 September 21, 2013

Palestine News Network    -    20 September 2013

jim-w-dean-_340_220A US political commentator says the Middle East will not be peaceful and stable until Israel places its nuclear weapons under international control.

Jim W. Dean, the managing director of Veterans Today, was interviewed Wednesday with Press TV, during which he made the remarks “if the West really wants peace and stability in the Middle East, they basically have to get Israel to turn all their WMD over to an international supervision.”

Experts estimate that Israel is in possession of 100-200 nuclear warheads, however Tel Aviv “maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity” about its nuclear weapons program, according to the Press TV report on the interview, refusing to allow international inspections of its nuclear sites.

Dean also mentioned the United States’ role Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons, saying, “They (Israelis) have a Big Brother, the United States, that allows them to get away with it.”  He added that Israel’s weapons are offensive, not defensive as is claimed by Washington and Tel Aviv.

“In the last ten years, we have had a lot of declassified intelligence here in United States, and virtually every military intelligence report has always concluded that Israel had complete conventional weapons superiority against any potential enemies in the region and their weapons of mass destruction was not needed for defensive purposes, it was a completely offensive platform,” Dean said.

The veteran analyst concluded saying, “So the whole record of how Israel was allowed to become a nuclear weapons powerhouse in the Middle East, which was really a destabilizing force, that has been covered up because really it has been a big mistake.”

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