Paul Maroun (VIC) thanks 60 Minutes for its report “Hate thy neighbour” 21Sep09 September 21, 2009


Thank you so much Channel 9 for bringing such an important subject to us – and congratulation on your courage to defy the power of Israel on the Australian Media.

I thank you particularly because such a documentary offers some balance – however small it may be – against a world mass media oversaturated with AIPAC’s-like news and opinions in favour of an aggressive occupier bent on denying an entire population their basic human rights and stealing their land with no consideration paid to decency and international law.

I would like to add to your program that in 1948 Israel’s  “war of independence” more than 520 Palestinian villages were systematically and ethnically cleansed. The evidence is well documented in the book: “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by the Israeli academic and historian Ilan Pappe based on “meticulous research and recently declassified Israeli archive material”.

After the cold blooded murder of able bodied men and boys in these villages, the remainder, amounting to 75000 old men women and children, were expelled to neighbouring countries to live in refugee camps that are still up until now overcrowded with their descendents with their lawful right of return denied.

I sincerely hope that some future programs of this calibre would be aired on your respected channel.

Thanking you again,

Paul Maroun

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