BOB ELLIS: Sharon 13Jan14 January 13, 2014

Table Talk12 January 2014

Sharon like Thatcher tyrannised a subject people, caused needless armed confrontations, directly or indirectly ordered many killings and has been called ‘controversial’ when he should have been gaoled in The Hague for his war crimes and not let out. His illegal, unordered invasion of Egypt in 1973; his arm’s-length Lebanon slaughter in 1982; his retributive murders of Palestinian ‘suspects’ in the 90s; his ‘visit’ to the al-Aqsa mosque in 2000 that engendered the new Intifada and got him, at last, the Prime Ministership; his fool ‘retreat’ from Gaza which ignited, elected and glamorised Hamas and his pitiless bombardment of Arafat’s headquarters were part of a pattern of reckless, rogue, bloody-minded, gangsterish, hectic bombast and strategic lunacy that lost the Zionist cause all its remaining allies on earth and enflamed a rocket-firing and suicide-bombing pandemic that may last a hundred years.

Like Thatcher he did, in sum, no good at all. Had he not Rabin been shot in 1996 there would have been by 2000 two states and a manageable peace in the Middle East, a President Gore for eight years, no second war in Iraq, no runaway global warming and no unending slaughter (in my view) in Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria.

His effect has been calamitous and I who descend from perhaps two million Jewish ancestors curse the day that he was born.

May he rest in peace.

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