BOOK: “Palestine in Pieces” by Kathleen and Bill Christison Sep09 September 26, 2009

Graphic Perspectives on the Israeli Occupation

Palestine in PiecesPluto Press, July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7453-2929-1, ISBN10: 0-7453-2929-2
7 x 8 1/3 inches, 176 pages, 52 b/w photos, 4 maps

This book brings personal and pictorial perspectives to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Former CIA political analysts Kathleen and Bill Christison give a comprehensive description of the occupation and the ways in which Israel dominates the Palestinians: Israeli settlements, the Separation Wall, roads restricted to cars with Israeli license plates, home demolitions on a massive scale, imprisonment, mass assassinations and wanton sniper and artillery fire. With more than 50 photographs vividly demonstrating the impact of the occupation on the Palestinian people, the authors argue that Israel’s long-term intention is to so fragment the occupied territories that any sustainable presence in the land by Palestinians as a nation will be negated.

About the Author(s)

By Kathleen Christison and Bill ChristisonKathleen and Bill Christison write on Palestinian issues and on U.S. foreign policy, and they travel regularly to Palestine.  They are former CIA political analysts.  Bill Christison was a senior official of the CIA.  Kathleen Christison is the author of Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Policy and The Wound of Dispossession: Telling the Palestinian Story.  They live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Preface: The Authors’ Journey Toward Understanding Palestine Introduction: The Suppressive Power of Silence   1. “Trapped without Status in a Never-Never Land”: The Occupation in Microcosm: an Overview 2. “A Horrid, Stifling Jail”: Settlements and the Separation Wall 3. A “Critically Inferior” Network: Checkpoints, Roadblocks, and Movement Impediments 4. “Cruelty Beyond Words”: House Demolitions as Slow Ethnic Cleansing 5. “Your Shit in My Salon”: Towns and Villages Under Siege    6. “Israel’s Exposed Nerve”: Eyeless in Gaza 7. “It’s a Pity I Don’t Have a Stepladder” Bibliography Notes Index

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