December 5, 2013 Corasanti unknowingly affirms criticism of ‘The Almond Tree’ 5Dec13

December 1, 2013 BOOK REVIEW: The Almond Tree: When novels distort legacies of struggle 1Dec13

November 30, 2013 BOOK REVIEW: Gaza Writes Back by Samah Sabawi 30Nov13

November 27, 2013 ’5 Broken Cameras’ clinches International Emmy Award 27Nov13

November 18, 2013 BOOK REVIEW: “Looking for Palestine” by Najla Said 18Nov13

November 16, 2013 Three Palestinian films nominated for Asian Pacific Screen Awards 16Nov13

October 27, 2013 POETRY REVIEW: Susan Abulhawa’s My Voice Sought The Wind 27Oct13

October 15, 2013 DRAMA: NY staging of Palestinian prisoner drama shows rising US awareness on conflict 15Oct13

October 11, 2013 ART: Veteran Palestinian artist Samia Halaby speaks to MEMO on Palestinian art and activism 11Oct13

October 11, 2013 BOOK REVIEW: “Fast Times in Palestine” by Pamela Olson 11Oct13

October 6, 2013 FILM: “The Gatekeepers” reviewed by Dr Vacy Vlazna 6Oct13

October 1, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE October 2013

September 1, 2013 ART: Photography exhibition highlights humanitarian work in Gaza 1Sep13

August 8, 2013 ART: Longest mural in Palestine unveiled in Gaza 8Aug13 – PHOTOS

August 3, 2013 MUSIC: Young Palestinian violinists to play at London Proms 3Aug13

July 31, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “The Heat is On” August 2013

July 26, 2013 ARCHITECTURE: The secret to peace in the Middle East, at an architectural expo 26Jul13

July 23, 2013 FILM: The People and the Olive 23Jul13

June 24, 2013 ART: On the exhibition “THIS IS also GAZA” 24Jun13

June 10, 2013 ART: “Whole in the Wall” by Khaled Jarrar 10Jun13

June 5, 2013 ART: Palestinian exile refuses to be boxed in 5Jun13

May 30, 2013 TWIP: The Last Word – Cultural Theft June 2013

May 27, 2013 MUSIC: Symphony for Palestine 27May13

May 22, 2013 FILM: Hany Abu-Assad’s Omar gets standing ovation in Cannes 21May13

May 5, 2013 BOOK: “A Month by the Sea – Encounters in Gaza” by Dervla Murphy

May 1, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: Behaviour in Palestine May 2013

April 13, 2013 BOOK: “Seeking Palestine: new Palestinian writing on exile and home” by Penny Johnson & Raja Shehadeh 13Apr13

April 5, 2013 BOOK: “The Gaza kitchen: a Palestinian culinary journey” by Laila Haddad & Maggie Schmitt 5Apr13

April 3, 2013 FILM: A plea from Palestine’s first female director 3Apr13

March 31, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “Budding Palestine” April 2013

March 30, 2013 BOOK: “Unfree in Palestine” by Nadia Abu-Zahra and Adah Kay 30Mar13

March 13, 2013 BOOK: “Brokers of Deceit” by Rashid Khalidi 13Mar13

March 7, 2013 BOOK: “Rhythms of Time – reconnecting Palestine’s past” by Keith W. Whitelam 7Mar13

March 2, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: The Last Word “Laughter and Humour” March 2013

February 18, 2013 BOOK: “Nablus – City of Civilisations” by architect Naseer Rahmi ‘Arafãt 18Feb13

February 18, 2013 BOOK: “Hirak” (Movement) by Adania Shibli 18Feb13

February 6, 2013 BOOK: “Threads of Identity – Preserving Palestinian Costume & Heritage” by Widad Kamel Kawar 6Feb13

February 2, 2013 BOOK: “Letters from Palestine” by Kenneth Ring & Ghassan Abdullah 2Feb13

February 1, 2013 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “The State of Archaeology” February 2013

January 30, 2013 BOOK: “The Invention of the land of Israel”: by Shlomo Sands 30/Jan13

January 29, 2013 BOOK: “Israeli Rejectionism: A hidden agenda in the Middle East peace process” by Zalman Amit & Daphna Levit 29Jan13

January 25, 2013 BOOK: “Back Stories – US news production and Palestinian politics” by Amahl Bishara 25Jan13

January 24, 2013 BOOK: “Generation Palestine: Voices from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement” ed Rich Wiles 24Jan13

January 21, 2013 BOOK: “The Bride and the Dowry” by Avi Raz, 21Jan13

January 20, 2013 ART: On the Exhibition “THIS IS also GAZA” 20Jan13

January 20, 2013 FASHION: Styling in Palestyle – couture with a social agenda 20Jan13

January 7, 2013 FILM: Oscars zoom in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 8Jan13

January 7, 2013 BOOK: “Indigenous (in) Justice” by Ahmad Amara, Ismael Abu-Saad, Oren Yiftachel 7Jan13

December 30, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “Time to grow” January 2013

December 15, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “The last word – giving it your best” Dec12

November 13, 2012 BOOK: “Occupation Diaries” by Raja Shehadeh 13Nov12

November 8, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “International Solidarity” November 2012

October 28, 2012 DANCE: ‘Unto the Breach’ – Palestinian dance adaptation of Shakespeare’s play 29Oct12

September 9, 2012 BOOK: “Wrestling in the daylight – A rabbi’s path to Palestinian solidarity” by Brant Rosen 9Sep12

September 6, 2012 FILM: “Lacan Palestine” 7Sep12

August 22, 2012 BOOK REVIEW: “Media and Terrorism – Global Perspectives” 23Aug12

August 15, 2012 BOOK: “Border Walls: Security and the War on Terror in the United States, India and Israel” by Reece Jones 15Aug12

August 14, 2012 MUSIC VIDEO: Award-winning music video ‘Ibdis’ reflects Palestinian spirit that refuses to be destroyed 14Aug12

August 14, 2012 Book review: “How Israeli school textbooks teach kids to hate” 14Aug12

August 13, 2012 BOOK REVIEW: “Unmasking the ‘Jewish and democratic’ state” 14Aug12

August 11, 2012 BOOK: “The Gaza Kitchen” by Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt 11Aug12

August 2, 2012 ART: Sowing seeds of Jewish-Arab coexistence, one shell at a time 2Aug12

July 28, 2012 BOOK: “The Bureaucracy of Occupation: The Permit Regime in the West Bank 2000–2006″ by Yael Berda 28Jul12

July 21, 2012 BOOK: “You can’t hide the sun – A journey through Israel and Palestine” by John McCarthy 22Jul12

July 8, 2012 BOOK: “After Zionism – One state for Israel and Palestine” ed by Antony Loewenstein and Ahmed Moor 9Jul12

July 5, 2012 FILM: “Speed Sisters” 5Jul12

June 28, 2012 FILM: “Roadmap to Apartheid” 28Jun12

June 27, 2012 BOOK: “Searching Jenin” by Ramzy Baroud 27Jun12

June 3, 2012 BOOK: “The power of inclusive exclusion – anatomy of Israeli rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories”, edited by Adi Ophir, Michal Givoni, and Sari Hanafi 3Jun12

May 31, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “Hungry for Freedom”, June 2012

May 21, 2012 BOOK: “The Invention of the Land of Israel” by Shlomo Sand 21May12

May 16, 2012 PLO PUBLICATION: The untold story of a cultural catastrophe al-Nakba 16May12

May 16, 2012 BOOK: “Knowing Too Much” by Norman Finkelstein 16May12

May 13, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: May Edition “Rising from the Nakba” 13May12

May 8, 2012 BOOK: “Palestine Anthology – Essays, Literature, Images” by Anis Hamadeh 8May12

May 6, 2012 BOOK: “Global Palestine” by John Collins 6May12

April 25, 2012 FILM: Five broken cameras (trailer) 25Apr12

April 13, 2012 BOOK: “Palestine in Israeli School Books” by Nurit Peled-Elhanan 13Apr12

April 2, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “Moving Around” 2Apr12

March 20, 2012 BOOK: “Beyond Occupation: Apartheid, Colonialism and International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories” ed by Virginia Tilley 21Mar12

March 1, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: Media and Society 1Mar12

February 26, 2012 FILM: “Sumoud – The Struggle for al-Araqib” 27Feb12

February 13, 2012 BOOK: “The Palestine Nakba: Decolonising history, Narrating the subaltern, reclaiming memory” by Nur Masalha 13Feb12

February 5, 2012 EMBROIDERY: “Sojourns in the world of Palestinian embroidery” 6Feb12

February 5, 2012 BOOK: Olives: A violent romance by Alexander McNabb 6Feb12

February 5, 2012 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: “Impressions” Issue No 166, February 2012

February 5, 2012 BOOK: “A Child’s view from Gaza” 5Feb12

January 16, 2012 FILM: “Testimony” 17Jan12

January 14, 2012 ARCHITECTURE: DAAR examines role of architecture in Israel and Palestine 15Jan12

January 12, 2012 BOOK: “A child’s view from Gaza: Palestinian children’s art and the fight against censorship” 12Jan12

January 12, 2012 BOOK: Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy by Ben White 12Jan12

December 30, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE Issue No 165 JANUARY 2012

December 13, 2011 FILM: “The Price of Kings – Yasser Arafat” – a documentary 12Dec11

December 11, 2011 BOOK: “The Forgotten Palestinians” by Ilan Pappe 11Dec11

December 5, 2011 ART: All That is “Unknown” in Occupied Jerusalem 5Dec11

November 19, 2011 BOOK: “10 highlights of Palestine” by Sarah Irving 20Nov11

November 19, 2011 BOOK: “Beyond Tribal Loyalties” ed. by Avigail Abarbanel 19Nov11

November 13, 2011 BOOK: “Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy” by Ben White 14Nov11

November 11, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE November 2011

October 18, 2011 MUSIC: The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music Newsletter No 25 19Oct11

October 14, 2011 BOOK: “Corporate Complicity” ed by Asa Winstanley and Frank Barat 14Oct11

October 7, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE Oct11

September 1, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE Sept 2011

August 7, 2011 BOOK: Fast Times in Palestine 7Aug11

August 7, 2011 BOOK REVIEW: Soldiers’ testimonies on the occupied territories 7Aug11

August 5, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE, August 2011

July 30, 2011 BOOK: “No more enemies” by Deb Reich July 2011

July 29, 2011 DANCE: Ramallah Dance Festival “Dancing for Hope”

July 17, 2011 FILM: ‘Tears of Gaza’ – lest our tears dry up 17Jul11

July 17, 2011 Short film at MIFF: Susya by Dani Rosenberg and Yoav Gross

July 17, 2011 ARTIST: Khaled Jarrar and his State of Palestine stamp 17Jul11

July 17, 2011 BOOK: Living with settlers – interviews with Yanoun villagers by Thomas Mandal 17Jul11

July 7, 2011 BOOK: “Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine” by Remi Kanazi (includes CD)

July 3, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: Municipalities and Councils July 2011

June 28, 2011 BOOK: Breaking the Siege: Voyages of Free Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla [ebook] 25Jun11

June 23, 2011 BOOK: “BDS : Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions” by Omar Barghouti 23Jun11

June 9, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE – June 2011 issue

June 1, 2011 PLAY: “The Wall” by Douglas Watkinson 30May11

June 1, 2011 FILM: Eyal Sivan speaks to Al Jazeera re “Route 181: Extracts from a Palestinian-Israeli Journey 22May11


May 24, 2011 FILM: “Route 181: Extracts from a Palestinian-Israeli Journey” 22May11

May 22, 2011 BOOK: Jewish National Fund (JNF) eBook Series May 2011

May 2, 2011 This Week in Palestine May 2011

March 16, 2011 BOOK: “Atlas of the Conflict” by Malkit Shoshan 10Mar11

February 22, 2011 THEATRE: Palestinian Alice in Wonderland staged in West Bank 21Feb11

February 9, 2011 BOOK: “Out of the frame. The struggle for academic freedom in Israel” by Ilan Pappe 7Feb11

February 8, 2011 BOOK: Ilan Pappe on his book “Gaza in Crisis” Feb11

February 3, 2011 BOOK: “Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage” by Widad Kamal Kawar 3Feb11

February 1, 2011 BOOK: “The Palestinian Right of Return under International Law” by Francis A Boyle 1Feb11

January 14, 2011 BOOK: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions – The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights by Omar Barghouti 14Jan11

January 3, 2011 BOOK: “Palestine betrayed” by Efraim Karsh 2Jan11

January 1, 2011 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE January 2011

December 31, 2010 BOOK: “The Legacy of the Goldstone Report” by Horowitz, Ratner and Weiss 26Dec10

December 19, 2010 BOOK: “Europe’s alliance with Israel – Aiding the Occupation” by David Cronin 18Dec10

December 13, 2010 DANCE: The Children of IBDAA – a Palestinian children’s dance troupe Aug10

December 5, 2010 MUSIC: Palestine Youth Orchestra plays to packed audience at the Megaron, Greece 4Dec10

December 5, 2010 ART: Art group seeks to bring Picasso canvas to Palestine 4Dec10

November 24, 2010 BOOK: “Gaza in Crisis – Reflections on Israel’s War against the Palestinians” by Chomsky & Pappe 24Nov10

November 17, 2010 BOOK: “Out of the Frame” by Ilan Pappe 17Nov10

November 13, 2010 BOOK: “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment” by Mazin Qumsiyeh 12Nov10

November 7, 2010 BOOK: “The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation: Repression beyond Exploitation” by Shir Hever Oct10

October 9, 2010 BOOK: “Against the Wall – The Art of Resistance” by William Parry 9Oct10

October 9, 2010 FILM: “Miral” – Jewish filmmaker direct Palestinian story 9Oct10

October 5, 2010 BOOK: “Israel and Palestine: Reappraisals, Revisions, Refutations” by Avi Shlaim 3Oct10

September 30, 2010 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE Issue No 150, October 2010

September 28, 2010 BOOK: “Eyes in Gaza” by Mads Gilbert & Erik Fosse 27Sep10

September 25, 2010 BOOK: “Children of Catastrophe – Journey from a Palestinian refugee camp to America” by Jamal Kanj 24Sep10

September 21, 2010 THEATRE: “The Gaza Mono-Logues”

September 13, 2010 BOOK: “The Peace Process – from breakthrough to breakdown” by Afif Safieh 11Sep10

September 4, 2010 BOOK: “Behind the Israeli Wall: Life, Love and Struggle in Palestine” by Rich Wiles 3Sep10

September 4, 2010 FILM: “Miral” – One woman’s story of political awakening 4Sep10

August 18, 2010 BOOK: “Traditional Palestinian Costume – Origins and Evolution” by Hanan Karaman Munayyer 17Aug10

August 13, 2010 BOOK: “Gaza: Stay Human” by Vittorio Arrigoni 9Aug10

August 6, 2010 CINEMA JENIN: Bianca Jagger says cinema reopening offers Palestinians hope 6Aug10

August 6, 2010 BOOK: “Zionism the real enemy of the Jews – Conflict without end Vol 3″ by Alan Hart 4Aug10

August 1, 2010 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE August 2010

July 23, 2010 LITTLEWOOD reviews “This Time we went too far” by Norman Finkelstein 22Jul10

July 17, 2010 BOOK: “Beware of Small States” by David Hirst 9Jul10

July 16, 2010 BOOK: “The Plight of the Palestinians: a long history of destruction” ed by William A Cook 14Jul10

July 9, 2010 THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE: July 2010 issue

July 8, 2010 BOOK: “Midnight on the Mavi Marmara” ed Moustafa Bayoumi 8Jul10

July 6, 2010 BOOK: “War Crimes in Gaza and the Zionist Fifth Column in America” by James Petras 2Jul10

July 4, 2010 BOOK: “Letters from Palestine” by Kenneth Ring & Ghassan Abdullah 28Jun10

June 24, 2010 INTERACTIVE GAME: “Safe Passage” 22Jun10

June 24, 2010 BOOK: “Nothing to lose but your life” by Suad Amiry 19Jun10

June 20, 2010 FILM: “Budrus” 18Jun10

June 14, 2010 BOOK: “Letters from Palestine” by Kenneth Ring 13Jun10

June 5, 2010 ART: Nakba Exhibition, Melbourne – “Painting blue skies in Gaza” May/June 2010

May 30, 2010 BOOK: ‘Mornings in Jenin’ by Susan Abulhawa 30May10

May 23, 2010 BOOK: “Overcoming speechlessness” by Alice Walker 21May10

May 22, 2010 BOOK: “Children of Catastrophe” by Jamal Krayem Kanj 21May10

May 22, 2010 BOOK: “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky 22May10

May 21, 2010 BOOK: “Palestinian and Israeli Public Opinion: The Public Imperative in the Second Intifada” by Jacob Shamir and Khalil Shikaki 20May10

May 20, 2010 FILM: “The Story of Budrus” 20May10

May 19, 2010 FILM: “Corner Store” 17May10

May 1, 2010 BOOKS: Review of “The Pen and the Sword” conversations with Edward Said by David Barsamian 26Apr10

April 12, 2010 FILM: “American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein” 12Apr10

March 30, 2010 MUSIC: Interview with Samir Joubran “We are defending our culture” 29Mar10

March 22, 2010 BOOK: “Peaceful Resistance” by Gabi Baramki 19Mar10

March 19, 2010 BOOK: Behind the Wall: Life, Love, and Struggle in Palestine by Rich Wiles 19Mar10

March 19, 2010 BOOK: Atlas of Palestine 1917-1966 by Dr Salman Abu Sitta 19Mar10

March 17, 2010 ART: “The writing on the wall” by Toufic Haddad 15Mar10

March 2, 2010 BOOK: “Footnotes in Gaza” by Joe Sacco 1Mar10

February 19, 2010 ART: Gaza Graffiti Photo Exhibition, Jerusalem 22Feb10

February 14, 2010 THEATRE: News from Ashtar Theatre Productions in Palestine 14Feb10

February 13, 2010 FESTIVAL: Sumud Festival 2010, Bethlehem,15-16July10

February 12, 2010 THEATRE: “Tennis in Nablus” by Ismaili Khalidi 10Feb10

February 11, 2010 BOOK: “This time we went too far” by Norman Finkelstein

February 11, 2010 FILM: “Welcome to Hebron” by Terje Carlsson Feb10

February 10, 2010 BOOK: “Eyes in Gaza” by Dr Mads Gilbert and Dr Erik Fosse 10Feb10

February 9, 2010 FILM: ‘Avatar’ and the Palestinian blues 1Feb10

February 6, 2010 BOOK: “Israeli Exceptionalism” by M Shahid Alam 5Feb10

January 24, 2010 SONG: “Freedom under siege” by Sarrah Alshakshir 24Jan10

January 17, 2010 ART: A Palestinian artist paints 1400 white phosphorous works of art 17Jan10

January 13, 2010 BOOK: “Does Israel have a future? The case for a post-Zionist state” by Constance Hilliard 13Jan10

January 11, 2010 THEATRE: “I am Yusef and this is my brother” – A Palestinian story about Palestinians 10Jan10

January 4, 2010 BOOK: “Gaza beneath the bombs” by Sharon Lock with Sarah Irving 4Jan10

January 2, 2010 SONG: “Act on it” by the Brothahood to alert people to the injustices happening in Palestine 2Jan10

December 27, 2009 BOOK: “Footnotes in Gaza” by Joe Sacco 24Dec09

December 23, 2009