July 17, 2013 HALPER: Protecting Israel’s status will scupper every peace move 17Jul13

July 16, 2013 SALAITA: Dershowitz and Finkelstein: comrades at heart? 16Jul13

July 15, 2013 MASSAD: The Struggle for Egypt 15Jul13

July 15, 2013 SAPORTA: Europe’s leaders speak out on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children 15Jul13

July 15, 2013 VIDEO: State 194 Director Dan Setton interview with former Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad 15Jul13

July 14, 2013 BASHARAT: Netanyahu’s absurd demand for recognition of a Jewish state 14Jul13

July 13, 2013 VLAZNA: Palestine’s Anne Frank 13Jul13

July 12, 2013 MULLER: Separation wall on the green line?

July 12, 2013 COOK: A look at Israel’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ zones 12Jul13

July 11, 2013 BESLIU: Israel’s Prawer Bill aims to marginalise and dispossess Bedouin citizens 11Jul13

July 10, 2013 AL-GHOUL: Fuel crisis threatens Gaza after Egypt border closure 10Jul13

July 9, 2013 KASSIS: Israel’s fictions – notes on a myth democracy 9Jul13

July 8, 2013 NARWANI: FreedumbAndDemocrazy 8Jul13

July 7, 2013 SILVER: Palestinians sue US groups over support for settler attacks 7Jul13

July 6, 2013 BAROUD: On Hamas, Fatah and the squandered years: when ‘unity’ loses its meaning 6Jul13

July 5, 2013 HALPER: Kerry’s ‘Pax Israeliana’ has failed. What next? 5Jul13

July 4, 2013 NIEUWHOF: Americans give $274 million to aid Israeli settlements – new report 4Jul13

July 3, 2013 COOLEY: China and the Palestinians 3Jul13

July 2, 2013 HASS: If Israeli Jews want Palestinians to listen to our narrative, we have to make radical changes 1Jul13

July 1, 2013 PROYECT: Israeli propaganda, with warts 1Jul13

June 30, 2013 DAVDISON: The crime of indifference 30Jun13

June 29, 2013 LAMB: The White House threatens to end aid if Palestine joins the ICC 29Jun13

June 28, 2013 ZUNES: Troubling implications of Susan Rice’s appointment as National Security Adviser 28Jun13

June 27, 2013 VLAZNA: Stamping impunity on Israel’s war crimes 27Jun13

June 26, 2013 SAHLI: Palestinian development under occupation is a delusion 26Jun13

June 25, 2013 KARMI: The Palestinians’ last option – a struggle for equal rights 25Jun13

June 24, 2013 LEVY: Is Israel a legitimate state? 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 VIDEO: How to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict – 0, 1 or 2 state solution 24Jun13

June 24, 2013 ART: On the exhibition “THIS IS also GAZA” 24Jun13


June 23, 2013 HASS: Palestinian Mohammed Assaf wins Arab Idol 23Jun13

June 23, 2013 ARAB IDOL: Mohammed Assaf sings “Raise your keffiyeh” 23Jun13

June 22, 2013 WHITE: The meaning of a two-state solution 22Jun13

June 21, 2013 KANJ: The plucky professor and the last bigoted democracy 21Jun13

June 20, 2013 DEGER: After Kerry visit, Israeli and Palestinian leaders quietly re-open economic negotiations 20Jun13

June 19, 2013 MERC: Australia Post issues Israeli propaganda stamps 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 ABUKHATER: The Palestinian Authority insults our intelligence 19Jun13

June 19, 2013 NUSEIBAH: Decades of displacing Palestinians: how Israel does it 19Jun13

June 18, 2013 ABULHAWA: The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle 18Jun13

June 17, 2013 HAZKANI: Catastrophic thinking – Did Ben-Gurion try to rewrite history? 17Jun13

June 16, 2013 MAKSOUD: Richard Falk will not be another Richard Goldstone 16Jun13

June 16, 2013 VLAZNA: Palestine Game-changers 16Jun13

June 15, 2013 INTERVIEW: Noam Chomsky speaks on “The legacy of aggression and impunity” 15Jun13

June 14, 2013 HASS: The most humane little checkpoint 14Jun13

June 14, 2013 KUTTAB: Pre-Oslo prisoners still obstacle to Palestinian-Israeli talks 14Jun13

June 13, 2013 FARAH: The Ghettoization of East Jerusalem 13Jun13

June 12, 2013 BULLIMORE: A case study in obsession 12Jun13

June 11, 2013 MARUSEK: Marching to Jerusalem 11Jun13

June 10, 2013 VIDEO: Breaking the Silence – women’s testimonies 10Jun13

June 10, 2013 COOK: The return to Iqrit 10Jun13

June 9, 2013 BAHOUR: The wandering Europeans and ‘the vanishing two-state solution’ 9June13

June 8, 2013 ESBER: When Israel compensated Germans for land in Palestine 8Jun13

June 7, 2013 MATAR: We all profit from the occupation 7Jun13

June 6, 2013 OMAR: Trashing four generations of Palestinian inheritance 6Jun13

June 5, 2013 COOK: Kerry’s plan – Palestinians to be cast as fall guys . . . again 5Jun13

June 5, 2013 ART: Palestinian exile refuses to be boxed in 5Jun13

June 4, 2013 BLUMENTHAL: Kerry and Blair’s $4 billion mystery plan for Palestine – crony capitalism under the guise of peace? 4Jun13

June 3, 2013 CS MONITOR: Arab Idol – No Bieber fever in Gaza 3Jun13

June 3, 2013 BASHIR: Mubarak-era cruelty continues at Rafah Crossing 3Jun13

June 2, 2013 MOUSA: Palestinian pawns – Egypt’s refugees 2Jun13

June 1, 2013 INTERVIEW: Ahdaf Soueif says Palestine is an issue more people should engage with 1Jun13

May 31, 2013 INTERVIEW: Barghouti says Arab peace plan damages Palestinian cause 31MAy13

May 30, 2013 SCHELL: Report censures Israel for demolishing Palestinian and EU property 30May13

May 29, 2013 SHOEBRIDGE & KAYE: This is not how you fight anti-Semitism 29May13

May 28, 2013 BISHOP GEORGE BROWNING: Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitic per se 28May13

May 28, 2013 BAHOUR: Why Palestine is different 28May13

May 27, 2013 VLAZNA: Old masters and the masters of war: Guernica – Gaza 27May13

May 26, 2013 Interview with Israeli filmmaker Yotam Feldman: ‘Wars on Gaza have become part of Israel’s system of governance’ 26May13

May 26, 2013 PRUSHER: Influential Palestinians say it’s time for a one-state solution 26May13

May 25, 2013 KHALIDI: Déjà vu all over again 25May13

May 25, 2013 AUDIO: Earthwise (NZ) interviews Michael Coleman in Gaza about Gaza’s Ark

May 24, 2013 ADALAH: From al-Araqib to Susiya: Forced Displacement of Palestinians on Both Sides of the Green Line

May 23, 2013 BALOUSHA: In Gaza, women struggle for economic role 23May13

May 22, 2013 Palestinian-American Raed Zidan plants flag on top of Everest, dedicates climb to political prisoners 22May13

May 22, 2013 OLSON: The staggering cost of Israel to Americans 22May13

May 21, 2013 VIDEO: “Sons of Lifta” 21May13

May 21, 2013 REES: Cruel game behind politicians’ rush to condemn anti-semitism 21May13

May 21, 2013 KHOURI: Palestine splits Arab street and state 21May13

May 21, 2013 VIDEO: Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled interviewed 21May13

May 20, 2013 ROBBINS: Christians denounce Israel’s manhandling of worshipers at Holy Sepulcher on Easter weekend; Israel apologizes to Egypt

May 20, 2013 STRICKLAND: Israel’s Gaza policy – “The Essential Terrorist” 20May13

May 19, 2013 VIDEO: Looking back at al Nakba 19May13

May 19, 2013 LITTLEWOOD: Church of Scotland unmoved by Zionist bullies 19May13

May 18, 2013 VIDEO: The promised city 18May13

May 17, 2013 RAMINI: Made in Britain 17May13

May 17, 2013 ALQASIS: The Ongoing Nakba – The continuous forcible displacement of the Palestinian people 17May13

May 16, 2013 ROTHCHILD: The politicization of trauma care 16May13

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May 15, 2013 ABULHAWA: Are Israelis appropriating the Nakba? 15May13

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May 15, 2013 MCCONNELL: Stephen Hawking and the Boston Globe: Two Breaks in the Wall 15May13

May 14, 2013 SALEEM: BBC airs Israeli ‘Independence Day’ propaganda presented as documentary 14May13

May 13, 2013 KANJ: It’s all about appeasing Israel 13May13

May 12, 2013 ZIADAH: Stephen Hawking is right, it’s time to end international support for Israeli impunity 12May13

May 12, 2013 PACHECO: Expanding the legal paradigm for Palestine – an international law conference at Birzeit University 12May13

May 11, 2013 WHITE: Five reasons why Hawking is right to boycott Israel 11May13

May 10, 2013 VLAZNA: Wherefore by their friends ye shall know them: Zionists vs UNSW BDS 10May13

May 9, 2013 VIDEO: How we can solve the Palestinian Israeli problem 10May13

May 9, 2013 VIDEO: “Al-Nakba” 9May13

May 8, 2013 MASRI & AWWAD: West Bank villages face shortage of water while settlements thrive 8May13

May 7, 2013 HATUQA: Palestinian non-violence subject of new graphic novel 7May13

May 6, 2013 HOWEIDY: Palestinian refugees from Syria struggle for recognition in Egypt 6May13

May 5, 2013 BOOK: “A Month by the Sea – Encounters in Gaza” by Dervla Murphy

May 5, 2013 VLAZNA: From Lidice to Deir Yassin – the unbearable shame of forgetting 5May13

May 3, 2013 VIDEO: Justice is universal – A panel discussion on Palestine, comparative frameworks and solidarity 4May13

May 3, 2013 KANJ: Israel’s ethnocentric experiment 3May13

May 2, 2013 HANIEH: The Oslo illusion 2May13

May 1, 2013 FERRARA & RABINOWITZ: Gaza’s gas – EU millions up in smoke 1May13

April 30, 2013 Love in the Time of Apartheid Campaign: Extension of Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law 30Apr13

April 30, 2013 VIDEO: Sara Roy on “Dispossessing Palestine” 30Apr13

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April 28, 2013 INTERVIEW: ‘Palestinians be damned’ — Rashid Khalidi explains the American role in the peace process 28Apr13

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April 24, 2013 BAHOUR: Diaspora Jews must speak out against the Israeli Law of Return 24Apr13

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April 21, 2013 HAMMERMAN: A satiated people’s advice 21Apr13

April 21, 2013 KESTLER-DAMOURS: Bulldozers flatten Bedouin village 49 times 21Apr13

April 21, 2013 LAZARE: Palestinians in Hebron: “To be here is a form of resistance” 21Apr13

April 20, 2013 VIDEO: An in-depth conversation on US Middle-East policy with Dr. Rashid Khalidi 20Apr13

April 20, 2013 IF AMERICANS KNEW: The staggering cost of Israel to Americans 20Apr13

April 19, 2013 SMITH: former London Mayor Ken Livingstone on the Middle East, anti-Semitism and the United States 19Apr13

April 18, 2013 HATUQA: Palestinian museum showcases prisoner misery 18Apr13

April 17, 2013 DANA: Palestinian civil society: what went wrong? 17Apr13

April 16, 2013 ALSAAFIN: Israel arrests 14-year-old US citizen 16Apr13

April 16, 2013 WEISS: Fear of democracy in the Jewish community 16Apr13

April 15, 2013 ALSAAFIN: ‘Slow Food’ project encourages organic Palestinian produce 15Apr13

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April 12, 2013 ROSENBERG: Netanyahu to United States: drop dead 12Apr13

April 12, 2013 LARUDEE: Israeli property theft is nothing new 12April13

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April 11, 2013 DITMARS: Following in the footsteps of his father, a Zionist hero, toward a free and democratic Palestine 11Apr13

April 10, 2013 WHITE: Israel’s definition as a ‘Jewish state’ 10Apr13

April 9, 2013 VIDEO: Rashid Khalidi speaks on “Palestinians, Israelis, and the US: Any Hope for Mideast Peace?” 9Apar13

April 8, 2013 HASS: The inner syntax of Palestinian stone-throwing 8Apr13

April 7, 2013 BANKS: Why I’m supporting a cultural boycott of Israel 7Apr13

April 7, 2013 PERRIN: Products from the colonies: Labeling or prohibition? 7Apr13

April 6, 2013 AVAAZ PETITION: The political prisoners of Palestine 6Apr13

April 6, 2013 KUTTAB: Prisoner, denied treatment, dies of cancer in Israeli prison 6Apr13

April 5, 2013 ABDELNOUR: Beyond South Africa: understanding Israeli Apartheid 5Apr13

April 4, 2013 SABAWI: The PLO’s dangerous land swaps rhetoric 4Apr13

April 4, 2013 FALK: Reading Palestinian prison diaries 4Apr13

April 3, 2013 HASS: Israeli crackdown on Palestinian mobility began well before suicide bombings 3Apr13

April 2, 2013 HALABY: Abed Abdi and the liberation art of Palestine 2Apr13

April 1, 2013 Palestinian Christians face greater restrictions this Easter 1Apr13

April 1, 2013 LEVY & LEVAC: Aged eight, wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, and placed in Israeli custody 1Apr13

March 30, 2013 VIDEO: Ramzy Baroud, Palestinian-American journalist and author speaks about Rachel Corrie, activism and resistance 30Mar13

March 29, 2013 SALT: Burning out another room in the Arab house 29Mar13

March 28, 2013 ABULHAWA: The lost defiance of the past and the morass of the dispossessed 28Mar13

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March 26, 2013 VIDEO: Brokers of deceit – as Obama visits Israel, scholar Rashid Khalidi on how the US undermines peace 26Mar13

March 26, 2013 KARMI: Obama’s Israel visit is an insult to the Palestinians 26Mar13

March 25, 2013 ATWAN: Obama, the Israel sycophant 25Mar13

March 24, 2013 HASS: A new strategy is needed for Palestinian advocacy in US 23May13

March 24, 2013 TARTIR & WILDEMAN: Persistent failure – World Bank policies for the Occupied Palestinian Territories 23Mar13

March 23, 2013 SHADID: Palestine Youth Orchestra – A bridge to the world 23Mar13

March 23, 2013 ABUNIMAH: Goldstone again? Rights groups fear Palestinian cave-in at UN could scuttle action on settlements 23Mar13

March 22, 2013 COOK: Obama comes to bless Israel’s government of settlers 22Mar13

March 21, 2013 KHALIL: “Who are you?”: The PLO and the limits of representation 21Mar13

March 20, 2013 MASSAD: Israel and the politics of boycott 20Mar13

March 20, 2013 CARLSTROM: How Obama won over the settlers 20Mar13

March 19, 2013 HIJAB: Israel, Obama, and other people’s oil 19Mar13

March 19, 2013 IRFAN: Palestinians fleeing Syria face grim future in Lebanon 18Mar13

March 18, 2013 VIDEO: “Five Broken Cameras” screened to Israeli youth 18Mar13

March 18, 2013 EHRENREICH: Is this where the third intifada will start? 18Mar13

March 17, 2013 VIDEO: Suheir Hammad reads “On the brink of … for Rachel Corrie” 17Mar13

March 17, 2013 IN MEMORIAM: Rachel Corrie 1979-2003 [with introduction by Michael Shaik to the film screening of "Rachel"] 16Mar13

March 17, 2013 KHALIDI: Is any hope left for Mideast peace? 17Mar13

March 16, 2013 HATUQA: Palestinian children ‘abused’ in Israeli jail 16Mar13

March 15, 2013 BAROUD: Funding and denouncing Israeli Occupation

March 14, 2013 LITTLEWOOD: Dalet (or Plan D) – The conspiracy to steal the land of Palestine 14Mar13

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March 13, 2013 LEVINE: On questioning the Jewish State 13Mar13

March 13, 2013 LAWRENCE: Fair trade helps Palestinian farmers stay on their land 13Mar13

March 12, 2013 HASS: Judge, jury and creditor – How Palestinians finance the Israeli military court system 12Mar13

March 12, 2013 KATSINERIS: Palestinian hunger strikers vow to resist occupation 12Mar13

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March 10, 2013 ALJAZEERA INSIDE POST: On the road to Israeli apartheid? 10Mar13

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March 9, 2013 WALT: Obama, American Jewry and the prospects for Middle East peace 9Mar13

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March 6, 2013 LEVY: The pain of almost a million arrests 6Mar13

March 5, 2013 BERGESON: The biblical pseudo-archeologists pillaging the West Bank 5Mar13

March 4, 2013 ZAHER: The unequal right to water in unrecognized Bedouin villages 4Mar13

March 3, 2013 McGEOUGH: Leader waits in shifting sands of Middle East 3Mar13

March 2, 2013 A Voice and Presence Passes: Remembering Stéphane Hessel (1917-2013)

March 1, 2013 REES: Cruelty as policy – the Israeli army’s culture of revenge 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 LEVY: Arab-Israeli in Haifa uses art to help Palestinian refugee sister 1Mar13

March 1, 2013 HATUQA: Israel ramps up demolition of Palestinian homes 1Mar13

February 28, 2013 COOK: Obama’s diplomatic overture will fall prey to Israel’s hawks 28Feb13

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February 26, 2013 HASS: After Palestinian dies in Shin Bet hands, time to question the interrogators 26Feb13